What method to use when memorising random words

Could you please share your experience in memorising random words? do you use link/peg method? or are there any other ways?
I have read a few books on memory training but none seem to go into detail on memorising words and just give you the basics like memorising shopping lists etc.

Assuming you want to recall the random words sequentially; use the memory palace or a journey.

Since the words that come are random, create strategies for different kinds of words.
Let’s examine the different kinds of words:
Nouns: these are easiest. Nouns, like cat, dog and water are easy to visualize, so let’s move on.
Adverbs and adjectives. How would you visualize words like, black, inoffensive, wrong, tired?
Prepositions. How would you visualize words in, up under?
Pronouns. How would you visualize words I, you, he, we?

Try this to train yourself:

Please could you give me an example of your strategy for memorising the above Kinma?

Sure. Give me a list of 5 random words and I will explain how I would memorize it.

Hi Kinma, if you dont mind could you give me examples of what you posted earlier?

Adverbs and adjectives. How would you visualize words like, black, inoffensive, wrong, tired?
Prepositions. How would you visualize words in, up under?
Pronouns. How would you visualize words I, you, he, we?

Could you also share your experiences from your improvement from beginner onwards? has it improved your creativeness with words, spelling, writing? I have just started memory training towards the end of last year and must say I am getting rather fascinated. I have been practicing speed cards and from doing a pack with errors in 23 minutes down to 2.40 without errors consistantly is quite remarkable with how the brain is working and improving. I first noticed the improvment during recal, when I named a card the next one just springs up immediately without effort. Have you found that this also happens with other training for words, numbers, faces and abstract images?

Sure. Here are some examples of how I would remember certain words.
This is basic memorization btw.

Black. I own a black cat. Because she is so black I named her ‘midnight’. So I would visualize her.
Up. I would see myself up on the empire state building.
You. This is a trickier one. I would see myself addressing another person. Also to make the image stick and to remind myself that the word is ‘you’, I would put a big ‘U’ in the picture. Sometimes that is all that is needed, something else to remind one of the original word.

I have always been fascinated with the brain and what it can do. I am not sure if it has improved my creativity; I have been relatively creative. Mnemotechnics training is fascinating indeed. The ease and the speed of is never stops to baffle me.

In the beginning when I came on this forum I explained how I learned the techniques as a youngster but never did much with it. I considered it some curiosity. Looking back now I could have done much more with this in my life.
But it is never too late to start, so I encourage you to keep training!

Thanks very much Kinma for your reply, I will keep practicing and popping back to the forum with updates on progress. Do you know any good resources online for word memorising techniques? or is it a case of just getting on with it and practice to find your own way?

Here is another link for practice:

Then find out which kinds of words are difficult.

During practice you might make these rooky mistakes:
You remembered ‘carpenter’, when the word was ‘carpenters’.
You remembered ‘mention’, when the word was ‘mentioned’.
You memorized ‘expensive’ with a diamond, and during recall all you come up with is the diamond

Indeed … how would you solve the last mistake, the one about the diamond? It’s a common problem.

Let’s suppose you make this mistake a lot. Then what you do is add a modifier that tells you the object is not literal, but a figure of speech. Create an object/symbol for this. Contemplate the words ‘figuratively speaking’ and take the first or second image that comes up in your mind. For me, figuratively speaking => figure => number. So I would add a number into the picture.

I have also similar question as above, but still need to get answer of the above, The words where it is difficult to make their pictures like adverb/adjective e.g Vagueness etc how we should remember?

Could you provide a complete example? Are you trying to distinguish between words like: vague, vagueness, and vaguely?

Hi Josh, sorry for being late reply, for simplicity just say any adjective e.g beautiful, and you want this picture of word use it again and again with different scenario etc.

If I needed to remember the word “beautiful” more than once, I would create a dedicated image for it. The first image that comes to mind is beauty + fulcrum. I’d picture a model who is acting as a fulcrum for a large lever.

Thanks josh