What method do you use to review your memory palaces? [Long term learning, not competition]

Hi, all!

I would love if you can share the way you review your memory palaces. I mean both in the actual process of reviewing them and in the frequency/programming of your revisions. I will star explaining briefly how I do it, and gladly expand if anyone is interested.

Review process:

Ok, so I actually review in two different ways, one faster and one more “profound”.

  1. Fast review. I replay all the images in my mind, as I count the number of the loci, trying to not think on any other words (a lot of the words come automatically, I try not to give attention to them). Depending on the amount of loci and the complexity of the images (in some locus I have simple scenes, in others I use “containers” which embed up to 5 extra loci in them), this can take me between a minute to three minutes for a memory palace with 8 to 15 loci.
  2. In depth review. I will not only recall the images (mnemonic scenes) on each loci, but actually think (out loud-ish, every time I can) extensively (i. e. in full formed sentences, as if talking to someone else) about the information and ideas I want to remember. This can take from 5 to 12 minutes for a MP with 8 to 15 loci.

Schedule for reviewing:

Ok, so I make two Anki cards for every palace, one for each type of review. The one for speed has a slightly lower “ease” from the beginning, so I will make sure to be able to recall the base mnemonic scenes easily when I do the in depth review. I do this because it takes significantly less time to maintain fast access to the mnemonic scenes if I separate it from the full recall.


I’ve been using this system only for a few months (I used the Anki programming for much longer, but added the “fast review” maybe in October), but I think it’s working great for me. Yes, is an extra investment of time, but it makes the in-depth reviews so much easier, and allow me to do them fully focused in the meaning of what I’m reviewing, which feels great. I currently have around one hundred memory palaces with 9-15 loci each, and I believe maintaining this rhythm (around 2 new such palaces per week and maintaining them) is very doable, with about 30 minutes of review a day.

Well, that’s basically it, but I can gladly expand. So, what I’d like to know:

  1. How do you review your Memory Palaces? (actual review process)
  2. How do you program or schedule your reviews? (how often do you review them, which system or method you employ for this)
  3. How has your experience been? (How long have you used your system, how does your review process feel, how long does it take in a daily basis, results, etc.)

Thanks for sharing!


I don’t use SRS technique to review my Memory Palaces anymore. I used to do it in past. I feel no need of SRS for MP anymore.

I however intentionally use my Memory Palaces to encode data in my daily life. For example, if I read a book, I take a Memory Palace randomly and start to put images converted from my reading materials of the book in the loci… This way I not only am able to better comprehend what I am reading, but also my recalling of the Loci of the Memory Palace gets stronger…

I use MP in every aspect of my life…So, I can use several MP within oneday :slight_smile:

The trick is to use the MP “intentionally” wherever we can!


@elitely how do you manage to have enough MP for everyday use??
Do you clean up after using and reuse MP?

Sometimes I feel like I’m running out of enough MPs for my essential tasks (study-related), let alone day to day activity.
(I’m aware of virtual MPs, but still :thinking:)


I don’t believe I will ever run out of Memory Palaces! There are literally thousands of Memory Palaces(virtual) that you can create! No limit!

Hi, Rashid!

That’s very interesting. How long ago you stopped using SRS? You no longer use any means of deliberate review for long term memory?
The everyday use of memory palaces is very important, indeed. I use it as a “fleeting notes” kind of work, for my own thoughts and for videos or text if I don’t have a recording device (paper or digital). However, I don’t think that would be enough for me, for things I want to remember for a long time. Is interesting to know you transitioned, though! Would love to know more.

So it’s like coming up with imaginary memory palaces whenever you need to store something??

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Yes, I agree with @elitely, expert memory trainers seldomly review their mp and system. But for newcomers or part-time memory trainers review are useful. The above post is replied to @DanteGaxiola, what method I use to review my mp and system. I use photos and gif to revise them.

Hi, @Antelex, thanks for your answer. I think you are talking about memory competition/athletics, please correct me if I’m wrong. I should’ve clarified I was talking specifically for long term learning, not competition. I don’t review my reusable memory palaces either, their day to day use is more than enough for me to keep them fresh. I don’t know how someone can use MPs for long term learning and don’t review them, honestly.



I don’t like creating an imaginary Memory Palace on my own! It can be done,but I rarely ever do it!

There are two reasons I don’t create a MP from my own imagination:

  • This way is more cognitively stressful for me than just using an existing Memory Palace.
  • It takes more time(for me) to come up with a MP from my own imagination

Instead,I take a place from Video Games or Real Flat/Apartment from YouTube videos…and use them as MP.

For example,you can literally create hundreds of MP from the following YouTube channels:

Sky is the limit,my dear,if you just know ‘how’! :wink:


Thanks a lott for explaining and sharing these awesome resources :black_heart:

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How do you keep these palaces distinct in your head. Is it enough to have one house in Vermont and another in California even if they have the same layout? I need some coaching here.

Same layout will confuse you especially when you have a lot of Memory Palaces!! This is why,I love Memory Palaces created from games! Game MPs are so distinct!


I have a dog! :wink: In other words, I’m reviewing them all the time based on my regular daily walks (my MPs are the routes I take with the dog). I know this doesn’t help at all if you don’t have a dog, and if you do have a dog you probably know this already. But anyway, there you go. Thanks for everyone else’s replies though, they’re helpful.


Hi, @robertov! That’s awesome, hahaha. Would you elaborate a little? Here are some questions that arise for me:
Do you use your MPs for long term information or reuse them, maybe in a project to project basis?
You go cyclically on the different routes and review your information that way?
How many (approximately) loci do you have codified in your journeys?

I use MPs mainly for long term knowledge, and I’m not sure a cyclical reviewing would be effective, since the linear augment in MPs for review would mean a linear augment in time spent reviewing. Does that make sense?

Thanks for your answer!

Hi DanteGaxiola,

Sure, I’ll answer what I can. I can tell you that I use these walks as ‘memory journeys’ or palaces, sure. And I use them for studying/memorizing ancient history. So it’s long term information I’m loading everything along the walk with: dates, historical events, historical characters, loaded into houses, street signs, stores, etc. I have three different walks so far: one from Big Bang to start of Homo sapiens. Another from Homo sapiens to Alexander the Great. And the third is Alexander the Great to the local park (so far the Eastern Han dynasty). These walks are such because they are different routes I walk with the dog regularly: one around the neighbourhood at night, another while I take my daughter to school, another for the longer dog walk during the day. So I basically review them everyday, or now, because school is cancelled, I just review that school walk every so often to make sure the info is still sticking. I’m going to eventually run out of locations (because the dog walk is over and I come home) around 600-700 AD, I figure, so I’ll just make up a new route and start taking the dog a different way. But basically these are all walks outwards from my house.

The main point, or benefit here, is that these are walks I’m doing anyway. So I don’t need to think about time spent “reviewing” - I’m just walking down the street. I can go more quickly and zip through 1000s of years of history if I want to (a light review) or I can go more slowly, but I’m doing these physical walks in any case.

I guess it would be different if you were going through an MP just in your imagination. Or if you didn’t need to walk a few miles a day every day…

I hope this answers your questions! I’m relatively new to this stuff, just started last March, and am really only doing this history memory-journey stuff. But I love it.



Hello, I am pretty new to MPs but so far I came up with this way of reviewing. My #1 MP is my home. It contains around 150 stations. Each station is a MP. My daily reviews are scattered throughout the day - when I do coffee, clean my apartment, take shower, go for a walk whenever I do repetitive, relaxed things. I simply imagine my house and I start going through the stations. When I feel I would like to refresh MP that is placed as a station in my house, I simply “jump” into that MP and then I revisit stations inside MP “linked” to station in my home.

Another way of reviewing - and this is usually happening with new MPs is - I try to note down my scenes in Evernote app on my smartphone or laptop. I do this from memory but writing these scenes down always adds more detail and improves my recall substantially.

And last but not least - visiting MPs in person is amazing also! I have build my MPs in buildings I visit but also in trails I take like local forest, my city streets, mountain trails I visit regularly.

Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences!


That is very interesting, Roberto. It sounds a lot like the history journeys from Lynne Kelly, I’d love to try that sometime when I have more free time. Thanks so much for sharing and engaging :slight_smile:

Hi, @swislook! I still can’t wrap my head around the (let’s call it) “intuitive approach” to reviewing cycles when I feel I should/like to do it.

I do my in-depth reviews scattered throughout the day, also, and really enjoy doing it that way, while doing other things. The fast reviews I always do in front of the computer, whenever I can put the time. I like your idea of using your home as an upper MP, let’s say, although I haven’t find the need to organize my memory palaces in that way (of course, when the organization is intrinsic to the topic, as in chapters of a book, I do organize them inside another memory palace that works as de Map of Contents, one could say). Since my MPs are mostly made from illustrations, I can’t visit them “in person”, hahaha, but I do review them every time, after my active recall, just to make sure I didn’t skip anything and to “calibrate” the content.

Would you share how long have you been using MPs and what kind of content you store in them?

Thank you for your answer and engaging. Have a nice one!

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yes, absolutely, I got the inspiration from Lynne’s book, which is great. Cheers.


Oh, it’s so and inspiring, indeed. I’m glad you have implemented it so well, that’s also inspiring, :wink: . Cheers, mate, and keep up the work!