What is your strategy for fitness and nutrition?


I had the same kind of thoughts, that I was different but didn’t know exactly how, until I was diagnosed with ADD in my twenties. Once I read about ADD, I remember thinking I had never seen anything that I related with so well. Not saying you have ADD but there might be something undiagnosed. It’s a huge benefit to know what you’re dealing with.

The human body is good at adapting to a poor diet. Don’t let that fool you into thinking you won’t run into major problems long term. You will eventually and it might be too late then. You would be very wise to get on a healthier diet. I notice a huge difference in my mental state when I eat better. If I cut out sugar for a few days I feel like a super hero.

I did the slow carb diet which is dead simple, and while losing some weight was nice, the biggest benefit is how much better I felt. Here is a quick summary:

Here’s what I do: canned green beans or frozen broccoli, canned pinto beans or refried beans. For green beans and pinto beans, cook in a pot with a little butter, salt, and pepper. You can get frozen broccoli that you throw the entire bag in the microwave. If I’m doing green/pinto beans I usually add guacamole. Wholly Guacamole makes individual single serving packs. For the protein component, sometimes I cook eggs or make taco meat, but the simplest solution is a protein shake. I do Premier Protein chocolate shakes. On Sundays I cook up a big batch of green beans and pinto beans for the week. Makes following the diet all week very simple. For snacks I usually eat cashews. Not technically on the slow carb diet, but I’m not doing it for weight loss anymore, just for staying productive.

I sometimes switch from slow carb to low carb, and I’ll do things like taco salad without the chips. I cook up a big batch of taco meat and use that for a few days. Just microwave, add some cheese, salsa, guacamole, maybe some beans.

This works, I believe, because it prevents insulin response, so you don’t get blood sugar spikes and subsequent crashes.

The slow carb diet says that eventually your metabolism will slow down, so they suggest one day a week eating whatever you want. So that’s nice.

I found this green/pinto bean, guacamole, and protein shake regimen to be super fast, easy, cheaper than fast food, and pretty tasty.

My doctor was not aware of the slow carb diet, but he says he basically tries to cut out carbs during the week (not completely, that’s impractical if not impossible), and eats whatever he wants on the weekends. If you are looking for something simple, I think that’s a good guideline. Making life/habit changes is hard, so keeping it simple is very wise. Once you are in a routine that includes some small improvements, you can try to do more. If you try to make bigger changes you are more likely to give up. For example, for me I tried cooking chicken and eggs for my protein at first, but I didn’t stick to it. Busy mornings, need to leave for work, I would just throw up my hands and hit the drive thru because I’m not proficient at cooking in general.


I’ll admit to not reading this entire thread as I really should be working and have found myself awfully distracted by this site today!

I currently weigh 88.5 kg -13 st, 13 lds or 195 pounds. In January 2013 I was 108 kilograms which is 17 stone or 238 pounds. My ideal weight for my height is 60.2 kg to 81.6 kg.

The major difference started by mostly giving up alcohol. I previously had a couple of glasses of wine every night. At the weekends my partner and I could easily drink a couple of bottles on both Friday and Saturday evenings. We’d also have gin and tonics or a couple of beers as and when. Now I have perhaps three pints of beer the whole week, perhaps one bottle of wine a month. When I drink I snack so by dropping the alcohol intake I’ve vastly reduced the late night salty snacks.

Food wise I’ve mostly gone from a three meals a day - breakfast, a cheese and ham sandwich at lunch and a main meal, to two. My breakfast is much later (it’s now 11:25 and I still haven’t eaten) and my main meal a little earlier.

My breakfast is usually a large bowl of porridge. I add salt, a small pinch of sugar and may add cinnamon and occasionally some powered ginger for taste. If I remember I might add some nuts or dried fruit to the porridge. If I’m hungry for lunch I’ll have it but usually by the time I’m hungry it’s close enough to supper time not to bother. I’ll eat fruit as snacks.

In the evening if I get hungry I’ll simply suffer it. Occasionally I’ll have some buttered crackers but I find that if I eat something I tend to want more. It’s better for me to be a little hungry.

I drink loads of water - always have - there’s a pint glass on the desk with me all day long. I drink three or four pints of water a day easily, not counting all the tea and coffee.

So for me weight loss has been fairly easy: reduce alcohol, eat less, snack less, snack better.


Every person has waste products in one’s blood, these products are dealt by liver that breaks them up, some of the leftover is then directed to kidneys where they form urine and are excreted from body. For example extra minerals can be considered a waste products.
Some of these products are harmful to your brain, for example alcohol and Hg. If you have food intolerances, as lots of people do, the undigested food or the antibodies synthesized to fight this undigested food can also affect your brain. I feel some brain fog every time after I eat. As already mentioned, my worst neurotoxin is protein called gluten.

Some of your social symptoms match with autism, like difficulty socializing and unusual focus on pieces (remembering cards all-day-along in your case maybe). Of course, there are lots of possible causes for your unique personality and I’m no psychologist.

But if to expand the idea of anti-socialness (including autism) and connect it with your diet:

My anti-socialness is definitely caused because of the food-toxins in my brain, but this is side-effect of the temporary overall cognitial decline these toxins cause.
There is some research linking together food intolerances (e.g. gluten and casein intolerance) and autism:

The article: Gluten and casein get a lot of attention in the autism community and from doctors in the Autism Research Institute's biomedical movement. Some parents, doctors and researchers say that children have shown mild to dramatic improvements in speech and/or behavior after these substances were removed from their diet.
[quote=LociInTheSky] I eat mostly muffins, ice cream, and cake. MANY days out of the month, perhaps 10, I eat only ice cream all day. Other than that, I tend to get fast food, pizza, or potato chips/corn nuts from the Shell station, and cake and/or muffins from my local grocery store. [/quote] Your menu is rich in gluten (from bakery foords) and casein (from ice cream). Maybe you could try dairy or gluten free diet to see if your anti-socialness improves.

However, not all autism cases are linked to food intolerances, as confirms this article. And I’m not saying that you definitely have autism, I’m just implying that my anti-socialness is caused because of food and so might be yours.

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Fundamentals first. Eat the right amount. Moderate exercise. Win win.


For the past week, I have been buying half muffins/ice cream/cookies, and half bananas and apples. The bananas and apples have basically taken the place of fast food and pizza. I had no idea bananas were so cheap. So, so cheap. That’s really awesome, so I’m going to keep buying bananas for just that reason. It has been fun to test out the many different types of apples as well. At first I thought I had established the best and the worst, but I learned that ripeness has far more to do with the taste and that quality changes in days. I’ll probably google apple-selecting tips before going back.

So it’s a very good thing! Cheap and painless. I don’t feel any differently but hopefully this change will give my focus/learning/memory a little bit of a boost in these important coming months. I’ll tell you if I notice anything interesting.


Hello Loci,

Here is an article about healthy foods and increasing performance

I like how you are replacing half of your processed foods with fruits

We have increasing rates of dementia, psychiatric diseases and cancer
Huge corporations want us to think the food they process is safe, but their primary objective is money not health
It is difficult to pronounce all the ingredients in our processed food: preservatives, dyes, taste enhancers, calorie replacers. And the ingredients don’t list the pesticides and altered genes in our food
Study after study shows that long term exposure to processed foods have multiple deleterious effects including heart disease, hypertension, diabetes etc.

Please try for 2 months:
Continue to replace some of your processed food with unprocessed foods (like you did with bananas and apples)
Walk 30 min just 3 times a week (that is only 90 min per week which is 10080 hours= .014% of the week)
Cant you give up just .014% of the week?
Make sure you are getting quality sleep

Possible results:
Increased focus and practice effectiveness
Increased motivation
Increased performance

Lets say doing the above for 2 months increases your PB by only 2%
wouldn’t it still be worth it?

And even if it doesn’t, what have you lost?
Very little



Cough 0.89% of the week.

Otherwise, I agree with Ray



90 min = 1.5 hours
I am glad we read each others comments :slight_smile:


Yes, Ray, I am glad as well. I read everything. You have linked several times to the getting started guide, specifying that I wrote it. I appreciated that.

You are wrong however. There are 10080 minutes in a week. Not hours.


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Fuji apples are good, especially when chilled. I also like Granny Smiths because they are a little sour. Red Delicious sometimes look good but can sometimes be too mealy. If you get a batch of apples that doesn’t taste good, chop them up (including skins), add a little water, and simmer until they can be mashed into applesauce. I leave in the skins, because the fiber apparently offsets the sugars in fruits.

Edit: it’s apple season and I have been trying new varieties. “Jazz” and “pink lady” are two other good types.


Bateman You are right!!! :slight_smile:
Brain fart-maybe from too much junk food?

  1. I can do that. Many fruits are palatable so before incorporating vegetables into my diet cringe, I’ll add more of them. My grandfather Glibert R. Kaats is the CEO and Head Chairman of Integrated Health Technologies Global in San Antonio.
    He is always willing to give me jugs of vanilla and chocolate flavored nutritional powder of various sorts, which he puts into smoothies. Over the years, I’ve given the majority of this away to other people. But I’ll get some more from him and get some frozen fruit and fruit juice, and I think if I add a smoothie like that in every day I will have a diet which is 100% fruit + the nutritional supplements, which sounds terribly limited, but would nevertheless be a big improvement from where I am now.

About 4 years ago he was doing a bunch of studies on vitamin d-3. I had never even heard of vitamin d-3 at the time, but I see it included in many supplements today, often fish oil I think. I would guess that his work was instrumental in bringing about that change because I remember him being very excited about it, saying “In all my years, I have never seen a single vitamin with such a scope of effects. If you do nothing else, get your butt on d-3.” And he got his Ph.D. in 1956 so that’s quite a large number of years.

Just throwing that into the mix since I do hear a lot about omega-3’s and not much else frankly, so that’s another vitamin worth doing some research on if you’re interested in health.

  1. I can do that also. I just moved into a new house in a neighborhood I’m still not familiar with, and since I would need literally hundreds more loci than I even have right now just to practice all of the Western Regional events in a row, that is another very motivating reason to walk around over the next 2 months.

  2. Not sure about this one. I do sleep most nights now so I’m in a better position than I was last year at least.

  3. Yes, of course. When even one of my PB’s increases by 2%, I feel like a million bucks for the rest of the day! Just thinking of improving all of my skills at the same time by any measurable amount makes a tantalizing image.


Good job Loci! I will be looking forward to some good results!!!

Memory athletes should be just like physical athletes
When we cut corners, we may get away with it some of the time…
When we take care of ourselves, we may be able to maximize our potential :slight_smile:



Thought you guys might be interested in this study.

If you don’t know, ketosis is a state your body enters when it starts using lipids as primary fuel as opposed to carbohydrates. It can be achieved within two days of eating minimal to no carbohydrates. I just thought I would mention it since I recently started dieting in a way that encourages it.

If you’re going to attempt this(consult a doctor etc), eat one big carb ridden meal every 5-6 days, and make sure you get tons of fat. If you don’t get enough fat, you will enter rabbit starvation.



I’ve read some stories about people with dementia (e.g. Alzheimer) adding coconut oil (which is 100% fat) to their diet. In some cases this has proved to be effective in alleviating the dementia. But atm there is not yet any scientific research done on the matter.

Though here the amount of carbs is not reduced, just adding some extra lipids.

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I was reading through this thread again today, and wanted to add a link to my new food experiments. There are two links to diet ratings at the bottom of the post. Or click here and here. The way that I eat isn’t listed there, but the list is interesting reading.


Bateman, I just checked out your avatar’s (Chris Bale) body transformations. This guy is crazy :D, and all this in the name of acting. And I really love his movies.


And an article:


Oh yeah. It’s crazy.



By the way, Josh, that is a fantastic system. While I don’t necessarily agree with all your food choices(no spices, corn…), it’s really good to see someone so efficiently organize what he eats. Not many people do so.

As a result of reading your blog post, I actually changed my diet for now, eliminated meat, added many different grains and vegetables, and other changes. Will see how my body reacts, whether it’s positive or negative. I’m hoping eating very similar meals every day will stabilize my body, put me more in touch with it, and thus be able to see how anything new affects it to a much more precise level of detail.

Thanks for sharing it,


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What don’t you like about corn? I don’t eat that much of it, but occasionally I switch out the amaranth or buckwheat for homemade polenta.

What I would really like to do is ferment the corn, but I don’t know if this would have any effect on aflatoxins that might be in the US corn supply. (Does anyone know if aflatoxin levels get worse if cornmeal is kept wet for a few days?)

There are some interesting fermented corn dishes from Africa, but, from what I’ve read, some African countries also have severe aflatoxin problems. Maybe it is only due to the grain storage.

I eat spices but not hot/spicy. Peppers are a nightshade-family plant (also: potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes). Some spices that I regularly cook with are: fresh and dried turmeric, fresh ginger, black and green cardamom pods, cumin, coriander, fenugreek, bay leaves, mustard seeds, cinnamon, and others.

I’m really into cooking (from scratch as much as possible), so if anyone is interested, we could start a “share your recipes” thread. :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying your tip about daily partial fasting. I think I’m on day four or five. I’m trying to find the right balance, because I’m having moments where I start to crash. :slight_smile:

I might modify it toward something along these lines, where I only do the mini-fast on two days per week. I once tried alternate day calorie restriction, but it wasn’t exactly time-restricted fasting. I don’t remember the long-term outcome, because things got difficult soon after that and many of my plans got derailed.