What is your memory training routine?

Hello everyone,
What is your memory training routine?

I try to do the following daily:

  1. Memorize a long-text word for word for a least an hour. I currently memorizing the book of Romans so far I’m on Chapter 3, which took me about 2 weeks to do so.
  2. Practice recalling the Major System (00-99) for about 20-30 minutes. I work by groups of 10. I set a timer on my phone and try to recall the image associated with the number as quickly as possible and try to improve my speed each time. Once I am confident with my speed I move to the next set of numbers. (I use a Google Spreadsheet with if conditional statements and conditional formatting to create this test).
  3. I read at least 15 minutes on memory techniques (either on The Art of Memory Forum or books).
  4. I read for 30 minutes in Italian (15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon). I have been studying Italian for about 3 years and I am at an upper-intermediate level B2.
  5. Review Anki Flash Cards (which consists of the Major System, Names, and Italian vocabulary).

Time Management:
I usually wake up at 5:00 AM in order to study before work. I use the last 15 minutes of my lunch break to read books, and my two 15 minute breaks to read Italian. So, everything is spaced out in the day and it does not seem overwhelming. When I am studying I disable all of my apps and use earmuffs to assist in concentration. I use an alarm clock to set timers so I do not study more or study less than how I allotted.

I do not prefer training on a lot of things at the same time. For example, I could train on names and faces but I chose to focus primarily on the major system and once I feel comfortable I will move to names. I rather stay concentrated in one area and move to the next one once I feel confident. When I am well-rounded in all the sections I will plan to have a more balanced program of study.

After reviewing my study / training routine do you have any recommendations? What could I be doing differently, should I be more well-rounded or do you think I’m on the right track by focusing on one section at a time?

What is your memory training routine? I would love to hear, be encouraged and inspired. I am a beginner but I aspire to compete and improve my skills so I am here to glean wisdom.

Thank you.


Not as precise as you are, I think you have an excellent training regime, specially if you are looking to compete.

My trainings are at a basic level (I’m fine with it since my objective is to get better at knowledge acquiring)

  1. Card Memorization - 15 -20 mins per day. (trying my best to keep up for 2-3 months direct)
  2. PAO 0 -99 practice on vehicle number plates (15-20 mins on the way to my workplace)
  3. Building new palaces - target is to create 1 per day with at least 26 locations.