What is the official world record in each category ?

Simple question !

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Discipline Record Athlete Event
Hour numbers 4620 digits North Korea Ryu Song I WMSC World Championships 2019
5-minute numbers 616 digits China Wei Qinru WMSC World Championships 2018
Spoken numbers 547 digits North Korea Ryu Song I WMSC World Championships 2019
30-minute binary digits 7485 digits North Korea Ryu Song I WMSC World Championships 2019
Hour cards 2530 cards North Korea Kim Su Rim WMSC World Championships 2019
Speed cards 12.74 seconds Mongolia Shijir-Erdene Bat-Enkh IAM Korea Open 2018
15-minute random words 335 words India Prateek Yadav WMSC World Championships 2019
15-minute names and faces 224 points United Kingdom Katie Kermode IAM World Championships 2018
5-minute historic dates 154 dates India Prateek Yadav WMSC World Championships 2019
15-minute abstract images (WMSC) 756 points China Zhang Xingrong WMSC World Championships 2018
5-minute random images (IAM) 455 points Italy Andrea Muzii IAM European Open Championship 2019

For both IAM and WMSC

@Mathmaster beat me to it.

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This is excluding some IAM records though

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Like Shijir’s 12.739 speed cards

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Thank you !

Do you have them for Each category in memory league ?

Do you mean memory league records?

give me a moment

International Names 30 in 59.?? by Jan hendrik Busher @JHB
Numbers: 80 in 9 seconds by Andrea (Someone got 7 some years ago but score is still disputed.
Words 35 seconds by Claire Wang @ClaireBookworm
Names I am unsure maybe @katiek , @JHB , or @ClaireBookworm
Cards 11.84s for 52 cards by 叶博.
7.94s for 30 images by Csengo Balint

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Those weren’t in officially ranked face-to-face competitions though.

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Yes. I am aware

Back when I competed a few years ago, I was tracking the best scores on Memory League and I am sure many of these have now been beaten but these were the records …

Cards - 16.86 - Alex Mullen - WMLC 2016
Images - 13.91 - Lance Tschirhart - WMLC 2016
Names - 30 in 45.09 - Jan-Hendrik Buscher - Scandinavian 2018
Numbers - 16.85 - Simon Reinhard - Scandinavian 2018
Words - 50 in 51.31 - Katie Kermode - WMLC 2016

Cards - 13.56 - 叶博 Yebo - League season 2
Images - 9.62 - Jan Zon - League season 1
Names - 30 in 40.30 - Jan-Hendrik Buscher - League season 3
Numbers - 11.90 - Alex Mullen - League season 3
Words - 50 in 42.44 - Katie Kermode - League season 2

Images - 8.60 - Zeshaan Khokhar
Words - 50 in 36.96 - Simon Reinhard

Does anyone have any accurate updates on these?


A couple days ago Csengo Balint got 7.94 you can see it on the memory league chat

Also a while ago Andrea posted a video of him doing 9 seconds in numbers

Hi Mathmaster.
Are these two you posted done in league matches?

All the records I posted are in competitive league matches or official live events.
Apart from the bottom two of course but these cannot count as match records.

No neither of them are

A French competitor told me that Claire did 30names in 27s during a season match. So maybe it’s the record for names unless someone did better .

That is amazing!

I have a collection of roughly 34’000 ML games of 40+ selected players (mostly players who have been streamed, but the set does not include all of the games those players have played), mostly from the past 1-3 years. This is only a small subset of all the games that have been played of course.

The best scores from my (limited) dataset are:
Cards - 52 in 11.89 - Alex Mullen - Normal rated game (Oct, 2019)
Images - 30 in 9.09 - Byambaaa - Online Memory League Season (Aug, 2020)
Names - 30 in 27.17 - ClaireBookworm - Online Memory League Season (Jun, 2020)
International Names - 30 in 59.56 - Jan-Hendrik Büscher - Online Memory League Season (Nov, 2020)
Numbers - 80 in 10.82 - Andrea Muzii - Arena of Memory (Aug, 2020)
Words - 50 in 34.14 - Claire - Online Memory League Season (Aug, 2020)

As can be seen from some other posts, there have been some results that have been better than this. But neither them, nor these, have been done at physical live events. What @ClayKnight posted would probably be the closest to an “official” record, but it also feels weird to say that considering most people never had a chance to compete in a live ML tournament.

Edit: @SimonReinhard also posted a good link regarding the official records in the other thread.