What is the good combination (Computer RAM)

I have i5 8250u processor laptop

With Radeon 540 2gb GPU

256gb nvme ssd


With two ram slots

It has 4gb 2400 ddr4 ram soldered

And 1 slot is free

Which is good:-

  1. 4gb + 4gb

2)4gb +8gb

Plz help.

( I need more ram)

You have 2 ramslots so we are talking about a dual channel system here and for a dual channel system, it is often recommended to use DIMMs of the same overall rate, size also. Because you have a 4gb ram soldered it is best to play it safe and add another 4gb ram instead of 8gb.

If you want to know the exact options you have then I would suggest to look up the specifications of your motherboard and see if it supports 4gb + 8gb and if it does than I would try that but 4gb + 4gb is probably better and safer.

Go for 4gb + 4gb.

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I forgot to mention something important!

Because you have a laptop, you should look for SO-DIMMs. These are workingmemory modules made for laptops. Memory modules in laptops are not the same as memory modules in a desktop. So look for a 4gb SO-DIMM.

Agree with albinoblanke’s comments. I have 20GB in my laptop and am thinking of maxing out to 32. If it’s within your budget see if you can get a tech shop to pull out the 4GB and go for 2 8GB’s .

If you go to Crucial Memory, they have an app that scans your machine and tells you what memory modules are compatible. You don’t have to buy their stuff, just get the diagnosis.

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20gb? Do you have like 16gb + 4gb?

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Yeah a bit confused there. It shows 24GB. I think I have 3x8GB. It came with one 4GB which I did not keep for reasons you discussed.

Triple channel in a laptop? Nice. It probably is 3x8gb. If it is some weird combination like 2x8gb + 4gb then it could be underperforming. I just recently ordered a new computer I assembled online and it has 16gb ddr4 ram in 1 slot, only this one is 2400 MHz so not the best 16 gb version. It has two slots so I’ll probably add another 16gb ram in the future, making this baby 32gb as well:) A better graphics card would probably come first though.

32gb of ram is insane btw, especially if you can get a compatable cpu that allows for very high clockspeed.

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