what is the best way to come up with memory palaces

Hello, I recently finished reading Dominic O’Brien’s book, Quantum memory, and am trying to apply his techniques in my practices. Specifically, I am trying to implement his journey method when practicing these techniques on the Art of Memory resource: solo training (cards, images, international names, names, numbers, words, etc…). However, I am having trouble coming up with memory palace for each time I try to memorize a list of items and was wondering if anybody knows of a good way to come up with memory palaces quickly.

Thank you!

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Hi alexvu, welcome to the forum. I wish you lots of fun and success on your journey.

Memory Palaces are literally everywhere where you have been. Been to a grocery store lately? There you have a mighty fine mp! Your home? Your friends’ homes? School, library, office or work… If you start looking out for potential memory palaces, you will realize how plentiful they are.

Good luck!


I think the fastest way is to go out as many places as you can and collect palaces. It could be you friend’s home, or coffee shop or hotel,… But if you can’t, for me I usually buid a building in my mind and it’s as good as a real one, and you won’t forget it easily once you’ve built it. But it takes time to visuallize. Second way that you can go to real estate websites that has 3D or virtual tour and takes time to go around the house until you remember it. But nothing as good as just go out side and experience.


I just create imaginary memory palaces. It doesn’t even take 20 seconds to come up with the odd 15 locations with minimal training. Even if you do so slowly, in 5 minutes you can get over 150 locations.


Any structure that you are well familiar with can be used as a memory palace.

Fingers of your hand. Points on your body. Locations on your work desk, your yard, you car (even just the steering wheel is rich in possible locii), the building where you work or study or a painting.

A journey is a linear form of memory palace so, your walk to the bus stop, Your ride to work etc.

One of the advantages of a memory palace is that it exploits structures you have already memorized. But if you do the extra work, you can invent your own. I like to draw mine.

Memory palaces do not have to be spatial. Any structure that you know well and can traverse systematically will work. A story, a song, a tune or even a family tree, gaming scenes can all work.

This thread has a lot of info. Lynne Kelly - Memory Palaces


-Homes (you can also use realtor’s websites)
-Video Games

Are my favourites


Excellent! I never thought a story or a song could serve as an MP, but now I will try.

On another note: I recently had a little bit of time to kill, so I went through the little village I live in and passed a beautiful little church I never much cared for. I suddenly realized, that the front of the building with its different windows plus the lawn in front of the building might make for a beautiful memory palace. So I took a few pictures with my phone and at home drew them out on paper. Works phantastic!