What Image system are you using to memorise Images at Memory League?


What are the most common systems for memorising images?
What Image system are you using to memorise Images at the Memory League?


I use Memory Palaces, and I have five I regularly cycle through when training for this, each with 15 loci. I store two images on each locus, and try to make the images interact in some way. For example, if image one is a dog, and image two is a boat, I’ll quickly imagine the dog biting the boat, or something like that. The last four images I just vocalize like Cat, Man, Car, House. During recall I quickly put those four in place, then start working on the others. I’ve got my PB down below 16 seconds.

(Josh Cohen) #3

Simon’s peg system is another interesting way to do it.

(Lynne Kelly) #4

I hadn’t thought to use a peg system. I just assumed journey. Interesting!

(Josh Cohen) #5

That peg system is amazing. I don’t know if it’s faster than a memory journey, but it has led to more experimentation with peg systems. I’m converting my 3-digit system into pegs and will see what that does to my thought process, since my main number system will soon have permanent facts associated with each number.


Thank you Josh.

I am in fact using a similar method, I use my own number shapes from 1-30.
I use the images as the loci itself, I place the number shapes that matches the number order of the images, each of my 1 and 2 digits number shapes has an action, so when I place the number on the image I create an action with the number shape on a part of the image.

As an example;
First image = number shape 1 = A Lighter.
I burn a part of the first image and make a mental note of the part I burn.
and so on with my other number shapes with their own actions in the same order as the images.

I practiced Images at the Memory League with my number shapes system and I got to level 10 within a few hours.


I did it in 56.17 seconds to memorise it, and that score is my best so far.
My next goal is to beat 56 seconds. But I’m still happy if I can regularly get 30 images in a minute.

(Josh Cohen) #7

Nice, that sounds like the same basic technique, except using different pegs. Works great. :slight_smile: