What Happened to the Pmemory website?

Hello there,

What exactly happened to the Pmemory website? Its been down for days maybe even weeks? Are they done because of piracy and now dont sell their course anymore?
I need someone to help me with the course as I will always find during the course different challanges

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I’m not sure, but if you have questions about any specific memory techniques, someone here might know the answers in the meantime.

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This is a huge source of information here. might be a little difficult to navigate tho. But there is lots of talented athletes here that you can reach out to.

-By the way, how was Pmemory? would like to hear more about it.

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I havent done all of it ive done 15 lessons or close to 20 I dont remember exactly. Then I stopped because I had to take a leave of absence. And I havent restarted it with it but I do want to do it in the future. The problem with this site is that most people here say they haven`t done Pmemory and so on that they use other techniques but I need Pmemory to know how to memorize books and become better in my profession as I plan to go on and work for the government if all my contingencies plans fail.
The course blows your mind after 1 mnemonics you will then add to it 127 other elements. 1000 mnemonics 127.000 paragraphs to memorize.

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GMS is indeed very different from other books, courses etc… I’m using Mattias Ribbings book Vagen till Masterminne at the moment that is based on GMS and it is mind blowing what he accomplished with these techniques. It’s a shame that Ribbings book is only available in Swedish. I had to translate it with google translate to understand (about 75-85%) of it into my own language. Luckily Dutch and Swedish are in the same language family and I understand most of it. Great book and very different from other memory books because GMS don’t use stories only connecting two pictures with different techniques and that is not how most memory books work at all. I’m now doing the exercises in the book and have a hard time, but I think if I stick with it I will reap rewards later on.

It seems that the original Pmemory site is gone forever or at least I couldn’t find anything anymore online. It took Mattias Ribbing 4 months to finish it. I have seen the original course and I have to say that the learning curve is very steep indeed. Ribbings book is a bit more realistic, but one thing that Ribbing feels strong about is that you need to push yourself to go fast and don’t spend more then 6 seconds on making the connection between the two images. Use the 4 guidelines for seeing the pictures in your head and go fast. Normally you learn with most things in live that you start slowly and then speed up. With GMS this is not the case and I’m struggling with that.

@Bogdamn maybe you can ask your questions here and people that have done the course can help you with it. There must be a few here that have finished the course.


Vägen till Maxade betyg was the book I started with. I suggest you read it, as it has great pictures on how to.

I have not tried out Pmemory so I can’t say anything more about it; but it seemed interessting based on what you mentioned.

Is it not something with Association technique; holding 5 elements + Combining it with the Russian doll technique? Being able to go down many layers; 4 layers would give something like 125 Locis to choose from. ( 5^3)

@NiklasMoonsun I thought of buying Vägen till Maxade betyg also, but thought that it wouldn’t work for me because the examples will be all connected to the Swedish language. If this is not the case I will buy it because I like the first book very much. I’m still working on the first book it has many exercises and will keep me busy for a while.

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Hi Bogdanm, I am an original member of pmemory, back from the very first days of its creation. I was surprised to see the site is down, I haven’t visited the site in many months. If you have any specific questions I may be able to help. I even have some original articles and content.


Hello Samuel. I too was a early member of Pmemory. Been injured and learned that the site is down.

Would you be so kind and send me documentation you have less the GMS manual, and the visualization games.


@sdl27789 Hey Samuel. I’m so sad to see that the pmemory website is down.
I would like to give the complete program a shot.