What game do you use for memory palaces?


If you use a game to create memory palaces, which one is it? Google Daydream is coming out this fall, so that would make VR memory palaces more available.

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Have you seem the virtual memory palaces page?


Some games I use, in random order:

Mass Effect games
The Elder Scrolls games (especially Skyrim, with the many high quality buildings made by other players as a mod for the game)
Watch Dogs
Assassins Creed Games
Mirror’s Edge
Star Wars: The Old Republic (player homes allow for great decoration, though you need to play a long time for the items to decorate with, could do it with video’s though.)
The Sims 3 and 4 (cheats for money ftw)
Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2005 and 2012 (basically any Need for Speed game would do though, I prefer the sandbox ones)
Lego Racers 2 (nothing major though, mainly small palaces)
GTA games
Fallout games
Call of Duty games
Medal of Honor games
Tomb Raider (2013 and 2015 mainly, very detailed maps with nice loci)
The Witcher 3
Prototype 1 and 2 (especially early on in the game, when the city is still… decent)
Tom Clancy’s games

Basically, if you can walk around and there is an eye for detail in the maps game, they are useful :slight_smile:
(sidenote: I am toooootally not a gamer xD)


Yes, I have seen it, and will study it more closely later. Much appreciated resource!

Wow. That’s quite a lot of gaming experience!

What I am looking for is a game where I can walk around from room to room, take rapid screenshots of each loci with CTRL+Print Screen, and then paste images of my associations onto these screenshots, and practice by looking at my finished pictures.

Do you have a recommendation for a game suited for making a memory palace with this structure?

I suppose you would need to make custom “maps” in order to get that done.

Memory palace layout

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Yes, that sounds very close to a component of what we’re building.


Great. In case there is a preview out, or soon will be out, do you have any recommendations for how to get going with such a palace with your software? I would prefer that layout for this palace, because I will memorize scores of people in a family tree, some branches going back to the late Middles Ages.

By the way, if there were a collaborative effort to create content for your software, such as inserting the 625 words of Fluent Forever, I would gladly contribute. I am going to create a linear memory palace path with 625 words to learn anyway (not right away, but some time in the future) with associations for these words in German, Spanish, Italian etc. To get the core vocabulary of those languages.

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Yes, you will be able to share memory journeys with other users.

You should be able to upload any image and then place your mnemonic images on it, so if you upload a tree-like image, you could place your mnemonics on that.


I use Mindomo for basic mindmapping: making two dimensional maps with a tree-like structure with images on it.

What I was looking for was something different. More like this. First I would walk between the loci (here represented as one-roomed houses, which look different from each other both inside and out), preferably with some “hostile NPCs” in them to get the adrenaline flowing, creating some action, making the journey more memorable. And then walk quickly from house to house and take rapid screenshots. Then paste the associations onto my collection of screenshots.


Minecraft is less suitable for this since it takes quite a lot of time to build a house. I would need a game which allows one to construct unique houses (or at least loci) rather quickly, and preferably a game with first person POV.


Mass Effect, The Elder Scrolls, Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Minecraft, GTA, Fallout, The Witcher and Prototype are great games for that, all open world games where you can basically do whatever you like, even if there is a storyline.

As addition to my last list, I also want to add Metro 2033 (Redux version) and Metro: Last Light (Redux version). While both don’t have an open world gameplay, they do have insanely great graphics, very detailed scenery and a good flow in the storylines.


I so far haven’t used games for memory palaces, but for memory journeys.

The games I so far used for that purpose are:
Mario 64 - journey for Cards
Banjo-Kazooie - journey for Binaries
Donkey Kong 64 - journey for Words


Much appreciated, Mayarra. I’ve checked out every one of those games on YouTube, and I wonder, do you know which ones are well suited for making custom worlds? In some memory palaces I am going to need a linear route, but in others I’d like houses with rooms strategically ordered to fit what I am studying. Like the one in the post above which for example can use for memorizing House Tudor.


@LikeARollingStone, I play Fallout 4, it works well. Though if you don’t like to play the game, then I would get it on PC and with that you need to make sure your computer can handle it. In Fallout 4 you can make cities etc… I also play Witcher 3, which I think has more memorable pieces, but there is no building on console at least(don’t know about pc).

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Has anyone tried using ArchiCAD (http://www.graphisoft.com/archicad/) software to design memory palaces?


CAD software is interesting, although it won’t allow you to walk through your palace as far as I know.
Unreal Engine seems to be an interesting way to create some artificial palaces aswell since it is free and a very powerful tool as well.


if you really want to make things yourself, an easy and quick way is with The Sims, though the downside of The Sims is that a lot of the decorations and aspects (like spiral staircases) can only be gotten through expansion packs, which cost money too. in the end, getting all the expansions, makes it very expansive to buy.

Some games also allow you to decorate an own home within a predefined template. If one comes to mind, I’ll let you know.

What I do sometimes, is just think of things to add. A crack in the wall, a broken glass, little things to add to increase the number of loci.


OffTheRails, thank you for your advice! I’ve bought an expensive GPU for the sole purpose of being able to run “memory palace games” smoothly. From your post, I suppose you don’t use custom maps? But if you have a map you think is well suited for memory palaces, I could make a mock up video like this. What I am looking for is maximum speed and memorability. Taking screenshots takes no-time, and then it’s a quick cut-and-paste from Google Images.

TJ, I have not, but if you do, please tell us about it! I found another house design software a while back which lets you walk around in a Wolfenstein sort of way after you’ve constructed it. That one was cumbersome to use, but I think such solutions has much promise!

Imagus, this Unreal Engine, let us know if you decide to explore it. I think it looks interesting.

Mayarra, oh yes. The Sims looks perfect, only downside is that you cannot walk around in first person with Oculus Rift – which would have made it effortless to remember everything. Money doesn’t matter. Do you have any experience building custom houses in Skyrim? That has first person POV, and I suppose you could insert some hostile NPCs in each loci, to fight along the way, making each loci pleasantly memorable.


No experience with actually building them but Skyrim Nexus and Steam Workshop are filled with a lot of incredibly detailed houses. From one rather small one, I easily got 200 loci, so you do have a large range of details to choose from. I never had the problem of a lack of loci there, it tends to be rather an abundance.

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LikeARollingStone, I haven’t used ArchiCAD at all; I’ve just seen an architect use it. I am trying to find software that will help me build virtual memory palaces so I can memorize foreign language dictionaries.

Imagus and Mayarra, thank you very much for your very helpful suggestions!

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What we’re building is 2D to start, but 3D will come later. Here is a sample of how it works:


What I forgot, as I just couldn’t get the hang of it, is that in Fallout 4, you can build your own settlements. It takes some time to learn it but it could be a great tool for creating memory palaces ranging from 1 to 20 floors high. You don’t have the widest variety of items to use, but a little creativity can get you a long way.

That is my downside to most games where you can build stuff, you have to think of some things yourself most of the time, as the number of decorations you can place are limited, in contrary to real life, where is just an appearant unlimited variety of chairs to be found. If it can pass as a chair, it is a chair. But then again, grab three games in different worlds each, and you have a lot of different chairs already.