What does it mean when my post is edited by a moderator?

[This is a post in the #faqs section.]

Occasionally, some users may see a notification that their posts were edited by a moderator.

The reason is usually one of these:

  • Adding a translation. If your post isn’t in English, we might add an English translation to the bottom so that other users can read what you wrote.
  • Rewriting the title to make it clearer or to correct spelling errors. This helps other users understand what the thread is about when they see the title in a list.
  • Fixing formatting errors. When we migrated the content to the new forum, some of the formatting needed manual correction. If something isn’t displaying correctly, we might fix the formatting errors.
  • Updating broken or outdated links. Over time, some links get outdated and break. We sometimes edit posts to de-link broken links.
  • Fixing obvious typos. We might fix obvious typos for clarity.
  • Merging posts or splitting threads. We might merge several posts by a single user into a single post, or split conversations into separate threads to try to focus each thread on a specific topic.
  • Adding or editing tags or categories. We sometimes edit the tags or categories on threads to help users find the information that they are looking for more easily.
  • Removing prohibited content. Content in the forum has to be child-friendly. In order to deal with a spam problem, we have a strict policy against self-promotion in the forum. Posts that link to pages that violate copyright (like the books of memory authors) will be edited to remove the links.

We don’t edit your content for style. It’s generally just minor edits for the reasons above. Email [email protected] if you have any questions.