What book should I memorize?

I want to memorize a nonfiction book that is either a bunch of random facts or some sort of textbook on a topic like history or art or anything interesting, but I don’t know what book to get. I don’t want to memorize the book verbatim, I want to memorize all the main ideas the little facts everything like that. Any ideas?

(Also I’m not sure if this is the right forum section for this kinda thing but it seemed to fit)

What interests you? What have you always wanted to know?

I’m a little interested in history mainly history of art, and I want a book with a bunch of random facts in it, but I don’t know of one that has reliable facts.

You might be able to find some good art history books in the bargain section of a bookstore. Another idea would be to go through Khan Academy’s art history section (taking notes from it as you go).

Thank you very much.

If you cannot decide what book you should memorize then you should not be memorizing books. Why not go for a few articles and build up your memory puzzle a bit before you climb Everest. One thing you could do would be to make alphabet pegs, and for each letter choose a little story or article that would help you understand something you find interesting. Once you have built up enough information in your memory, learning a book will seem like nothing. Start small and think big! I did not memorize my first book until I had a lot of experience. Once you have your 26 pegs for the letters down pat, add on to them. You can always build onto your system. You have to realize that to the outside world a book is a book but in your mind it is something entirely different. If you can get 26 great lessons down pat then you should try to find ways to just keep elaborating. Your memory capacity is literally infinite so there is no way you cant have 26 books in some time cut it will take years to get like that. Do not try to take on too much too soon or you will not enjoy it.

I’m adding a link from this thread to another one that lists interesting books (and book lists) so that people can find it: