What are the buffers on 3x3?

What are the buffers on 3x3?

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In 3×3 Rubik’s cube ,

For edges - Buffer piece = B (UR)

For corners - Buffer piece = Q (UBL)


Which algs did you learn exactly? Not all approaches use the same buffer locations…

…or do you mean that you don’t understand the concept of a “buffer” position?

Okay, so that’s #old-pochmann-method …

…you will need an R-perm as well to deal with parity (explained in the video). Also not a bad idea to learn both J-perms to simplify the setup moves… it’s doable with just T and Y but the Js make it much easier.

The buffer is simply where the next swapped cubie ends up; that’s all. Have a look at this video to see how to memorize and use the buffer with Old Pochmann:

…there is also a clarification video as a follow up to the first one:

Buffers are more important for advanced methods like 3-style and 5-style. There are some people who use primary UF buffer, and learn all the buffers.

So, full floating buffers knowledge is crucial in cutting down solve time. But it is super advanced level.

At the intermediate level UF/UFR are the best buffers.