Walking through world history, should we make the journey?

I find it immensely useful to have a foundation to build upon when reading history. The highlights from world history would serve as such a foundation, going from the stone age until today. Should we make such a journey and put it in the Art of Memory software?

It would be fairly easy to accomplish: We’ve got Wikipedia to help us. They have sourced the most important events throughout the millennia, centuries and decades.

So what we’ve got to do is choose the most emblematic thing that happened in the period, and then make a mnemonic image. Would it be of interest to make a wiki for this process?

Here’s the ground we need to cover.

Lower Paleolithic (c. 3.3 Ma – 300 ka)
Key events:
Mnemonic image:

Middle Paleolithic (300–45 ka)
Key events:
Mnemonic image:

Upper Paleolithic (50–10 ka)
Key events:
Mnemonic image:

From the Last Glacial Period and onwards. We’ll move through the cradle of civilization, see the pyramids and more.

Now things are happening fast. We’ll cover every century from here, beginning about the time the Iron Age came to Greece, and ending when the Scientific Revolution had come to its conclusion.

The Enlightenment is here, we’re in the modern era. Facing us are the revolutionary wars, the Scramble for Africa, two world wars and more.


Yay or nay, folks?


I like the idea. I’ll send you a message and we could figure out how to start it.

There’s also an interesting timeline of the far future on Wikipedia. :slight_smile:

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I love this idea, as I’ve wanted to get a broad handle on history for a loooong time … but I have trouble with memory techniques. Maybe this will be the thing that makes me buckle down and work at it.

But first off … hold up, there’s “Art of Memory software” ? What is this magic you speak of?

Cheers! jz


I love the idea also! Have you started?

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Great! So this would be the bird’s-eye view of world history, giving us an overview of the whole works.

Have I spoken of magic? :joy:

Check out the software here, and see if you could do some magic tricks there. I have bought access but not used it yet, as I lack memory palaces where the loci are interconnected, palaces I could explore outside of the software. I’ve made a separate thread where I guess the game Roblox could be useful, but I haven’t come around to trying it out yet.

Do feel free to contribute by making public palaces in the Art of Memory software. I will, eventually, get started on the walking through world history mnemonics.

I haven’t counted the number of loci we’ll need for the set above, but I guess it’s somewhere around sixty.

Nope, not really. But I will. You can see the progress here.

Do feel free to pitch in. The earliest periods are the most tricky, because so little concrete things happened, but we’ll need to cover them all so whomever feels they would like to contribute could get started with the 10th century BC. What you do is read the Wikipedia article, get the gist of it, and write down two sentences summarizing the period. Doesn’t have to be perfect, doesn’t have to be the Very Most Essential - just what you feel characterizes the period. And then you look for the most emblematic thing that happened, though it needn’t be the very most. Just pick one you think is good. Like this for example:

  • 965 BC: David, king of the ancient Israelites, dies.

Then we’ll look for a mnemonic for David. Say David Beckham? That could be our mnemonic image for the 10th century BC. David Beckham dies. Plus whatever mnemonic peg you choose to represent the year 65. We already know it happened in the period from 1000 BC to 901 BC, because Beckham would die in our loci for the 10th century BC.

Then we’re off to the 9th century BC!

“Too many cooks spoil the broth”, I don’t believe that. The more cooks, the more to choose from. Let’s say you feel the death of king David wasn’t the best for you, you could then look at our collab wiki list and choose someone else’s contribution. It’s just to write your username and your contribution to whatever period in question. If many of us took a single period now and again, together we’d get through the whole thing without breaking a sweat. If you feel you’d like to contribute, you’d get an Art of Memory wiki user by getting in touch with Josh.

That all sounds perfect to me ! But I didnt even know there was a wiki… Thouth everything was through the software. Could we collaborate like this through the software? Or I guess we do it all in wiki than transpose to software? For now im personaly discovering the app but im surprised there not many public stuff done over there

Just found your other post about your usage of software! Ok I get it, will explore both options now doing some experimenting. Am on a tablet today, but im IN!


We’re the pioneers, with a brave new world ahead of us.

Hooray! Then we’re two. To you reading: you’re welcome to join our team!

Yeah, first we sift through a period in Wikipedia, then present our findings. Either ITT or on the Art of Memory wiki. When we’re done coming up with mnemonic images for all the periods above, we’ll put that into the Art of Memory software. Then we’d need a memory palace with some sixty loci.

For the memory palace I suggested a house (maybe a Roblox house?) for each period. So, let’s say you walked through the centuries. It’s a street you’re walking on. The first house is the 10th century BC. At the door you’ll see David Beckham dying, plus your peg for 65. Okay, so you know king David died in 965 BC. You could then choose to enter the house to learn more about the 10th century BC, or continue down our street to the next house, at the door of that house you’d find our mnemonic image for the most emblematic thing that happened in the 9th century BC.

And so it goes!

I discussed this with Josh. Perhaps we should have like a “linked story” in each house, for those who choose to enter? Or maybe split the whole century into decades inside the house? I favor his suggestion: making a linked story.

Anyways, first things first! Let’s get ourselves mnemonic image for each period, beginning with the 10th century BC, then moving on towards our time.

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There’s a wiki page here: World History with Mnemonic Images. If anyone wants to help edit it, send me a message and I’ll create a wiki-editing account for you. :slight_smile:

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This is going to be tough. There’s a lot of world out there. It will be difficult to decide which areas to include, as there are multiple cultures that rise and fall. But perhaps that just the anxiety I get when starting anything of magnitude.

I don’t have the app. Is it paid-only? At the moment, I don’t have non-allocated funds (yep, super tight budget at the moment) but expect/hope that will change in the coming months.

Re the collaboration, should we just drop notes in the wiki for subsequent discussion, or is that for final-form entries only? i.e., should we discuss here or elsewhere before making an entry, or just charge ahead? I’m good with charging ahead, otherwise we end up procrastinating as we aim for “perfection”, which is a myth anyway.

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Feel free to charge in and edit the wiki. Whatever gets put in there might get heavily edited as we progress, but we can start and see what happens. :slight_smile:

All the revisions are saved, so we can always revert if we decide to.