Hi, after reading a bulk of books about mnemonic,I understand the current thecniques for memorizing.However,I’m overwhelmed ,I’m confused.i don’t know what’s the really best way to memorize a large listen of new words(thousand s of words per day)?
For instance:how to memorize all irregular verbs approximately 200 words.
I thought for a while that’s the memory palace is the optional tool to memorize the verbs.
I decided to seone verb(stem +past simple+past participle) per loci.
So I have to make a set of 200 loci!that’s mean 4houses (50loci per house).
I’m annoyed,because there is also another list of regular verbs ,for example,1000 new verbs.
I have decided to put 3verbs per loci and create a weird story which will probably allow me to remember the verbs.
So,it may be the memory town system is the efficient way for that.
However,when I realize that I’m bound to create an entire town,I found myself disappointed it’s take a great time to do it.
What do you think ? What is the best way to memorize several list of words?explain it in detail,please .

It also depends a little on your target language (the one you want to learn) and to what extend your source language (your mother tongue) is similar or completely unrelated.

Learning Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, or Romanian is easier if you first language is French. Not quite as easy anymore if you come from another branch of Indo-European languages (Germanic, Slovac, etc.) You probably want to chose a different strategy if your source language is Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

What language are you trying to learn and what languages do you speak already?

I’m trying to increase my English vocabulary as much as possible even french.but I’m more interested in English because I’m french.

Well, can you just drop the English words that are obviously borrowed from French from your lists… you know 1066 Battle of Hastings and all… lot’s of French in English. Where do you end up then?

The lists that i want to memorize are almost composed of different nouns and verbs that aren’t from french(just a bit of them are from french) that’s why i’m still struggling to come up with efficient ways to improve my vocabulary.(I think that the alphabetical order seems to be the inefficient manner to memorize the lists)

Can you post a few items of that list for a better understanding what you’re looking at please…

Of course,for instance:Beadle, praiseworthy, subsidy,peerless,aegis, trample,aggregate…

You should see Paulo’s post about memorizing vocabulary. I tried out what he explained and it really worked out. I’ve been memorizing Ancient Greek vocab on and off for two weeks, which sums up to mere 3 hours, since I am an experienced procrastinator. I’ve got about 400 words and if I were to see them in a text, I have no doubt I’d remember them. About memorizing irregular verbs, well, I’d say there isn’t much reason. I didn’t know about mnemonics one year ago when learning Latin, and all irregular verbs came along fairly easy, they’re irregular, as I see it, because they’re used so frequently and, if you try to speak about anything, they’ll come up. That’s way it is better to just get exposed to them rather than memorize it. That’s just my opinion anyway. If the alphabetical order isn’t working for you, may I take a shot, either you aren’t using spaced repetition or you are looking for active vocabulary in a short span of time. The alphabetical order palaces don’t work very well if you are trying to actively use the words, like in an everyday conversation, they work wonderfully though if you are looking for passive vocab, that is, reading.

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Thank you desessein,I’m searching for active vocabulary like righting and speaking eloquently.i will see paulo’s post.

Is this the one you mean?

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I’m really confused,how can I apply mnemonic?