Visualizing World Countries Map

This is a challenge to mnemonics lovers, how do you memorize the world countries map? And below is my prototype, I had memorized the Asian, South America and Oceania map. If you have any bright ideas, welcome and share.

To test your level, please use the below apps and share ur scores.

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Option #1: Play
Option #2: Use the world map as a memory palace and reference each country based on indirect imagery. I.e: The Canadian Moose is sitting on top of an American Eagle, sitting on top of a piñata, with Fidel Castro kicking it from behind, …
Option #3: If you cannot name something associated with a country, just create an image representing the country. I.e: Brazil = Godzilla with a bra, standing beside bOlivia who is Perl clutching on her left hand, and kicking a bowl of chili on her left leg. You get the idea…

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Here is previous topic , that discussed the same thing (there is all country google doc file too)

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Similar , like me too (I guess most of the people using this)
Well, I didn’t memorize all countries by memory palace.

This is the fantastic image of South America (Snillsprov is good in making images, drawings)
I personally liked, Snillsprov sketching, drawings so much…

Note : the thing is I menorized in a similar way, but all images are in my mind, I didn’t made a draw of that.

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@Rajadodve786 @Epix101, thanks for your replies.
For the shape, I would like to use Raja suggestion, and the picture is creative.
For the position, I have my encryption and probably I will stick with my original plan.


In a MP, do:

  1. Locate the biggest country (BC) on a map, name peg 0
  2. From BC, Start from clockwise search the surrounding countries, name peg x:1, 2, 3, …, 9
  3. The outer loop countries, find two biggest surrounding countries from x, and name the country with 10x+y e.g. 21, 41 means the same name Chile, and thus we know 12 Argentina and 14 Chile means the biggest two surrounding coutry and easier to locate Chile.
  4. If the map is too big, i.e. Asian: Divide the map into smaller pieces, such as 4 sectors: China group, Indonesia Iran and Saudi Arabia. Then do steps 1-3.

South America

0 Brazil
1 Uruguay
2 Argentina 21 Chile
3 Paraguay
4 Bolivia 41 Chile
5 Peru 51 Ecuador
6 Colombia 61 Ecuador
7 Venezuela
8 Guyana
9 Suriname
10 French Guiana

recent best of Asian countries map.

I used this for practicing maps.
There are many things including in this after completing levels.

Like population, area, flags, religion, currency and many more… (you can unlock after level up)

There are world ranking too (i mean ranking between the people that using the app like memory league ranking)

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cool, but are the info keep up_to_date?

Yep, the info updated daily. (Wikipedia)

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