Vim and Emacs users?

Are there any Vim/Neovim or Emacs users here? (We can continue the older discussion here as new users arrive.)

I use Vim for coding and Emacs (with Evil) for Org Mode (a notetaking system).

My computer is set up with Vim keybindings wherever possible. I use i3 as a window manager, but with xmonad-style keybindings that are more Vim-like (h, j, k, l).

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I started using vim at the beginning of this semester for some of my classes and now use it more than any other text editor. I don’t think it deserves it’s reputation as being hard to use; 15 minutes is enough to learn enough such that it is more comfortable to use than gedit, anything extra which one learns is just topping. I also discovered the awesomeness that is git then as well, and am now using it for several personal projects in addition to my two CS classes. (one of which requires us to use it to turn in assignments, which is brilliant)

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I don’t think it deserves its reputation for being overly difficult, but the cartoons are still funny. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t already seen it, you can install a plugin manager and download extensions to add features (vim-surround, airline, denite, nerdtree, git integration, etc.).

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