Verbatim memorization and recitation recall

I’ve been looking at a few methods such as Lanier’s and Lynne Kelly’s for verbatim or near verbatim memorization. My goal is to remember a lot of material at a reasonable (faster than rote) speed, remember it for a long time, and recall it at recital-speed (while I’m hiking). Is anyone using these techniques, or others, and finding their recitation speeds unimpeded?

I understand that the rote learners have an advantage here (they learn by reciting after all) but the read, look away, recite, repeat method is a bit underpowered for my needs. (If I’m wrong, please advise)

Are you using other techniques? Mixing techniques? How do they fare in terms of accuracy, recital speed, and memorization time?


A few minutes per page

Delay in speech(Like buffering in YouTube but not as worse)

Accuracy-40% recall after 1 day-Maybe it is better than forgetting after rote memorization after one day.

This method is below -

Disclosure- It is my method,


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Any text can be memorized using the method of loci.


@aicreator @InMyMemoryWorld ive actually read both of your linked posts before starting this thread. I’m familiar with memory palace and linking systems, so the techniques im thinking about using include those. As for letter shapes, i am also considering doing something similar to that with making mozaics of each page i read.

Aicreator, is there anyway, you think, that the buffer could be removed? Besides rote practice I mean.

InMyMemoryWorld, I was curious how well you could recite with an unstopping rhythm the texts that youve memorized

I made that method similar to PAO so that it would have to work and it was good for holding a large amount of information for a short amount of time and maybe I will also need revision,

I believe that this method works by matching known artibutes of the text to the artibutes of the text stored in the human brain which then causes the person to remember more information and more information upto the text,

I have posted a link to research below which I suspect will help you,


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If I recall looking at the images, I do it fast. Without the images sometimes in ryming, I jump verses, but quickly realized it, so, it’s a matter of focus. If you’re goal is to recite poems, then visualizing the images through recall is good.

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Thanks for answering my questions! Cheers

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