Using the Journey method when you don't have any imagination

I have a problem. That is, I am unable to imagine anything. When I close my eyes I don’t see anything at all. I still am successful in using the Method of Loci though, when I trace my steps I don’t see the pictures that I previously imagined, but rather remember the concept of that image, if that makes any sense.

My question is, is it possible to develop spatial imagination virtually from scratch, so I can use this technique as a normal human, lol?

There is a condition called aphantasia, iirc, which prevents some people from being able to use visual imagination.

To get a proper answer to your question, imo, it would be best to try to research the scientific literature for a general answer or, better yet, to consult with an expert in neurology about your particular case.

That said, if the real problem is just an underdeveloped, or weak, visual imagination–or (perhaps) a bit of tangled wiring–you might benefit from exercise and plasticity.

I do believe that mnemonics practice can help strengthen an underdeveloped or weak visual memory, but I would be sceptical of anybody who does not have a strong professional background in neurology who purports to have a sure solution.

My apologies if I have not answered your question in a satisfying way. My real message is just to say, beware of answers from enthusiastic people who want to help do not have an in-depth understanding of the conditions that can affect the brain.



I don’t know the answer to that question, but I think that it would be worth practicing it. Neuroplasticity is an amazing thing. :slight_smile:

If you stare at something for a minute and then close your eyes is there any visual impression of that thing left in your mind after closing your eyes?

You might also be interested in: memory techniques for aphantasia.

Hey, thanks for the answers!

Josh, no, there is no visual impression left (of anything, really) when I close my eyes. My try to describe this: I look at a pencil, then I close my eyes and try to imagine it. I do not see it, there’s just darkness and I somehow know that somewhere there is a pencil, it’s more like a concept, than an image. Or for a split second (like literally a fraction of a second) I actually get a kind of image (I’m not even sure at this point, maybe that’s just some mind trick), but it’s not the pencil I was looking at, but rather a resemblance, like a cartoon drawing, or even just a piece of a cartoon pencil, if that makes ANY sense :slight_smile:

Hey, I read into this aphantasia thing and it’s pretty much what I experience. So, I will do my research, thanks for the starting point!

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