Using Objects as Memory Palace Locations

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I would like just to share what I have been doing for this past few years I would like to request to add this on memory places. I have been using objects as memory places. I use different objects as many as I can then, I arrange them alphabetically or by continuity. for instance, let say you have a spoon what do you think comes to mind? fork, right next, to that knife, right. next, plate and so on. then what I do; I give them stops or points; so lets, say spoon it has five to six points to me defending on what kind of spoon you have in mind or object you already got association with. next, what I do I just associate the images I wanted to remember, let say balloon; chair; gloves;pants and shoes. then I attach those images to the spoon I make the parts bigger let say I attach balloon to the tip of the spoon next, chair to the convex part of the spoon next gloves to the middle of the spoon and so on. sometimes I make them move or give them actions. to remember some other objects I would like to attach to the spoon like fork and knife and plate I just link those objects together and I attach the first object which is the spoon to a loci to make it last for a very long time. I review it a couple of times to cement the whole things together and don’t get mix up as the down side of the linking method.

There, I think that is all I hope I am able to add something to our community.

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That’s a really interesting idea with a lot of potential. It sound almost like a hybrid between the method of loci and mnemonic pegs.

I did one experimental memorization task using two sets of alphabet pegs (52 animals from A-Z twice). I lined them all up in the middle of a room in alphabetical order (ant, bee, cat, dog, elephant, etc.) and then attached the facts to them. I was hoping to eventually attach more information to different parts of the animals bodies, but didn’t get that far.

Hi Josh brother!

Yes, you are right it really has allot of potentials into it. I been trying this stuff since I was in school and it really helped me allot in my academic life. Since I have very few location more or less 250 loci only. In fact in the last memory competition that I entered I manage to memorized 360 binary digits 4x4 without locations just using objects as location themselves.then I link them in a very odd way. I zoom in a very distinct image or part of the object that I would like use then I place the next object there and then follow by the next and so on. then I attach the first object to a loci for long time usage.

Hope this will serve you well.

P.S. just let me know if you want to expand this technique that I discover.



Well, if you have notice that the animals can be like a short version of body list. what I do, I just pick four or five odd features of the object then I add twist of actions with the body part of the animal and the object I wanted to remember. I hope that answers the question.

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It is a viable idea. I’ve thought about this often in the past. Using something like a pencil for example. If you “zoom in” mentally, you can have the eraser part be big, attach something there, and to the metal part, and to the body of the pencil, then where it slants, and finally the lead point. 4-5 loci right there.


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Well, what nice about this idea is that you can use the objects and attaching on the real loci to expand it more. let say you have a loci which you have four sub parts then attaching four different objects on those sub parts.
Next, you pick out four distinct features of the objects and you can place any information you want to remember this is good for text and number crunching. voila!
So, in theory 4 sub parts of the loci plus four objects plus four distinct features will give us 16 locations just in one loci only imagine if you have a hundred loci multiply with 16 location in one loci will give use 1600 locations in total.
Well, imagine this; what if you have 500 or 750 loci just like other competitors in memory sports you will have 45,750 locations.

Just thinking :wink:

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Brother I would like to know if you could do me a favor if you have like a list of the new card combination.
you know, the one with the AB BA CB combination.
I would like to expand my card though to that combination somehow.
and I am hoping you could help me bro.

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I don’t know what you are asking. Could you rephrase?


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It’s the letter pairing brother.
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This is used in that infamous (in this forum :stuck_out_tongue: ) GMS method.
as seen in these images I capped from the free manual they have in their site


Look at that poor mouse