Using MP with Mnemonic for loci and word or Not?

After experimenting with MP and Mnemonics, it seems that making the loci an interactive object doesn’t work well for me. As I am already creating an interactive image or picture or Mnemonic for an english word or idioms. It seems too much to do…
for instance. in My living room, I have an armoire that I use as Loc#1, I created a Mnemonic for it, the image is a tree with 4 eyes and a flat nose. Then I want to link “look up” to it. the image for it is a looking glass looking inside the armoire. When i visit my MP LV to look at that loci and remember Lookup, i get the image of the tree with 4 eyes which it seems useless and painful to remember before i can see what is on it, which is the other image.
Instead, I think, only create a Mnemonic for the object you want to remember not the Loci… I like your thoughts about it.

already answered it here which maybe some help.

I doubt it would work well for me either! That armoire remains an armoire and there is no need (as far as I can see) to come up with a mnemonic for it. Surely that is the point of loci, that they are objects you KNOW are in the MP ? In the case of ‘look up’ I might place a girl on top of the armoire and have a character using the armoire’s mirror to look up her skirt .


Yeah, that’s what I realized, it’s good to know that you think the same way. I like the mnemonic for the girl…very nice visual. I cracked a great smile. Thanks a lot.


Glad it helped, I don’t think I have heard of anyone making mnemonics for the loci themselves. Seems a strange thing to do. As to the ‘girl on the armoire’ that was a VERY toned down image inorder to abide by the forum’s rules…I am a disgusting Old Man.

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keep it simple, even a Man Behind Bars locked up in your armoire could perhaps remind you of lookup. Or a 7-up, these are skills that develop (one of them being to guess) with practice and trial and error, AND any trick in the book is good for this no matter what "look up " makes you think of, whether it’s a child looking up at you, for something that sounds like cook a rough or lump. Or loopupooopidoo.

I know it sounds crazy, but all we’re trying to do is trigger what is already known. Having the word in context when learning helps, trying to focus on mnemonic and meaning not just one or the other, and that also got easier and more impactfull with time.

Don’t forget to revisit your Palace when it’s fading away, and start using whats in it as soon and as often as you can. Works for me. Didn’t work so well for a few month’s, but these aren’t strings of numbers or decks of cards to remember and forget right away, we want really want to learn this stuff for life; sorry for what I sound like a bit. :relieved: