Using Anki Method while reading books and watching documentary movies ?

Hello, for the past 5 month i have been using the Anki Method for learning in my university. It has helped me a lot and benefited greatly in retaining the information I need.
However I started reading more books which are not school related (just for leasure time and fun). But there are books which I have readed 2-3 years ago dont remember very much. So my question is should I start using Anki Method for reading books which are not school related in order to retain information.
The same applies to documentary movies. I want to remember the information I see while watching it. Would it be okay if I use the Anki Method also for this ?

Or I should just sit back and enjoy what i am watching and reading ? :slight_smile:

Why do you require permission?

Do whatever you want to do.

If you want to memorize books, there’s a guide for doing that.

For documentaries, I did this a couple times, Watch it first. Then watch it again, but this time take notes(Note: You could just watch it once and take notes, but I’m very selective about what data I memorize, and have to watch the movie before deciding whether to memorize it). Memorize the notes.

Now, for those things that you memorized using memory techniques, you should use some spaced repetition(anki, etc), to lock them in. It works wonderfully.


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Re-reading books is in and of itself an aid to memory.

Personally, I live in an Anki-free zone. Given the power of a good Memory Palace network, why not build and use them and stretch the limits of what you can hold in the mind using yourself as the spaced-repetition machine?

If nothing else, why not map the Anki sequences you build onto Memory Palaces (or vice versa). Even out of sequence, you’re still getting great Memory Palace practice and repeated exposure to the associative-imagery you’ve created.

This is the only time and only way that I’ve messed around with SRS and quite frankly, it’s pretty awesome. But SRS without “organic” Memory Palace integration would bore me to tears.

Thank you for your answers.
Well I have a good memory so when I read for example 100 pages from a book, then I create my notes in Anki and use the spaced repetition to lock them in as Bateman said :slight_smile:
Gonna try that with documentaries.

This interview with Piotr Wozniak talks about his method of reading books using Supermemo using incremental reading.

There is an incremental reading plugin for Anki, but I’ve not had much joy with it - it seems to only work on the desktop version. Furthermore I think I just haven’t got used to the way it should be used in Anki.

Regardless you might like to take some of your material and use it with an incremental reading approach to see how it works for you. Getting the material in to a system seems to be the biggest pain. If you have a Kindle book it is possible to copy and page at a time using the Windows reader but then formatting in Anki is an issue and each page requires a unique title so you never quite get a system working efficiently.

From a HTML source it’s easier but if you’re trying to read contemporary book material it is usually difficult to find a plain or HTML text source. It’s something I will come back to though as it may well be the only way that I ever read and recall some of the classics.