Using a Memory Palace as a Journal in my Everyday Life

Hi there!
Lately, I started to use a memorized journal daily.
My previous attempts at something similar were too tedious to maintain and use,
or they didn’t give me enough real-life benefits, so I gave up on the experiments after only a few days or weeks.

I know many people struggle to really use Memory Palaces in their daily lives, at least I did.
So I’m really happy to finally have a routine that gives me time for that.
Now, maybe it’s just the quarantine’s free time changing things up, but the process is fun, easy and really helps, so I think I’ll keep at it. :slight_smile:

I wrote a Medium article about it because I thought it would be a good intro to memory techniques to reel newcomers in. ( Baiting them with better mental health, then BAM, mnemonics xD )
I invite you to read it, but I’m gonna talk more about some details here because you guys probably already know more on Memory Palaces than the average Medium reader, right?
Here’s the link :

If you can’t be bothered with my extensive examples on Medium, here’s what my Memory Palace looks like :

  • Contained in my room for now.
  • Leading to 6 others Memory Palaces corresponding to my main interests.
  • Closet 1 -> (Photography) The house of some friends.
  • Window 1 -> (Writing) My former school.
  • Computer -> (Coding) My computer in my 1st appartment.
  • Window 2 -> (Life- Chores, taxes etc) My former job office.
  • Drawer -> ( Adventures, travel projects etc.) Each door is a loci.
  • Storage rack -> ( Memory techniques ) Each floor is a loci.
  • Under the bed -> (Social) Grandparent’s house. ( starts under their bed )
  • Closet -> ( Motivations & ideas ) My father’s house.

As for using it, each day, I’d check on the main memory palace and in it’s sub-palaces to find what should have my top priority that day.
So for example, I have about 20 things on my photography TODO, 10 articles I want to write about, 5 ongoing coding projects, 5 memory palaces that needs improvement and refreshing… Having it all with me helps me to keep track of it all.
It’s a great way for me to start the day, end it, and reset it when I’m done with a long, tiring task… once again, more example on Medium if you want it :slight_smile:

If you did something similar I’d love to hear about it, I know some people were better than me and managed to have a daily journal where they had a loci for each day… wow, that’s what I tried before but I couldn’t manage it! xD

And it you’d like to try something like that, I’d love to hear about your experience too!


Hi Ludovic,

Excellent article on Medium. I too want to use some Mnemo techniques for my daily life. I’ve got some software certifications I’m currently learning but they’re pretty vast. I’ve yet to map the subjects to loci but I think I’ll do that.

I found a coule of typos in your medium article, and a phrase I didn’t quite understand

I see a bit bowl of Meds and Yum chips.

I’m guessing you mean big bowl.

Programmer, photograph and tipping my toes in writing.

I think you mean Programmer, photographer and dipping my toes in writing.
I speak French so I understand the Photograph => photographer mixup. :slight_smile:

Keep writing, your article is inspiring. Thanks!

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Hey Dargonesti,

that was a great and interesting article. I enjoyed it a lot.

Have a nice day.

Yours Sincerely

great idea! I like it.
Will look into doing something similar for myself.
Really good.

Keep it up and let us know what gems you learn as you go.