Update to my PAO (feel free to borrow) and 1st card deck attempts

Hi All,
Thanks again to everyone here that helped me get my PAO setup. I’m sharing it here to help newcomers:

I finally finished off 12 new PAOs for the face cards in a deck.
Also, I personally prefer the “card method 2” column… but use what works best for you.

Before getting my face cards sorted out, I tried a half deck or so this morning. Pretty easy, 100% recall.

Then I finished my face cards and tried for a full deck this evening. At about 8 minutes in, I was maybe 1/4 the way through the deck and ran into a problem: I realized I used Tiger Woods twice in my PAO! Once for 17 and once for King of Clubs. So, I swapped King of Clubs to Big Pappi Batting a Baseball. (Since I already had Tiger well linked to 17 in my mind).

Expecting to complete my first deck on tomorrow’s attempt!

BTW: I’ve elected to use 2 positions per loci. For example. The doorway into my office it spot #1. So, I put the first image in the top half of the doorway, and the 2nd images in the bottom half of the doorway. That gives me 6 cards per loci… so 8 loci with 2 full images, and one last loci with 1 full image and 1 left over card image. (At least I’m pretty sure… mind a little rubbery right now… will let you know if that’s accurate tomorrow.)

Not bad: 33 minutes with 4 mistakes on my first full deck attempt!

That’s an interesting idea. I may try doubling one of my journeys with that method and see if it works for me…

Congratulations on the first full deck! :slight_smile:

Yes, seems to work just fine. Seems to be a touch of linkage happening, too. So, if scooby doo is doing something in the top half of the window, I have a weak link pulling me to Lady Gaga doing something in the bottom half. And, vice versa.

I can’t really comment on which is better… but I like having fewer loci to deal with. Though, it could be argued that I’ve just divided each of my loci into sub-loci, and therefore have exactly double the loci.

Seems to work for me, though.

Thanks… It seems like twice the loci for the same amount of work. I will try it…

where is the list?

I can’t see the link. Where is the link?

Sorry about that, there was a bug. The post has been restored.

I want his pao list
Please provide

I dont think the list still exists, it is a pretty old post after all