Understand and Memorize Your Textbooks

This is how I study, might want to share it with you all. But, take note that this method works for me, but might not work for you. You can discover your own study routine, find what suits you well.

But this is mine:
First of all, ofcourse I read a book, but I always check the table of contents first, to see what’s coming ahead of it.
-Everytime I read I use the Pomodoro Technique, but instead of using 25mins focus and 5mins break, I use 45mins focus and 15mins break, but it’s up to you.
-Everytime I finish 1 Chapter or 1 Unit, I would do an active recall using the Feynman Technique, I imagine I was teaching it to somebody else.
Sometimes when I’m pretending I was teaching it to someone, I do an active note taking.
-When it comes to note taking I combine doing a “Mind Map” and making “Doodles” (doodling is easy, i dont know how to draw like an artist but I can doodle, I remember it more easily since doodling is a visual note, it makes the notes in your notebook much memorable) Try reading the book “The Doodle Revolution” by Sunni Brown.
-Lastly, I’ve collect important keywords on my notes and translate them to creative images and place them in my MEMORY PALACE. (MEMORY PALACE IS ONE OF THE MOST EFFECTIVE)
When there’s important numbers like scientific/math constants I use my own PAO SYSTEM.

It’s a bit of a work, but it’s worth it. Whenever I study I combine both, I understand it first then I commit it to memory. Specially, I mostly study science and math. But when I study history it’s much easier cause I can create a movie in my mind. And, when I’m trying to remember dates I use the PAO system and the system I created, which is specific images for each month of the year. I’ve got this idea to Ron White, on his Youtube channel, this is the video :point_right:t2: https://youtu.be/GfYaek32tGE

While doing a review I use spaced repetition. There are a lot of topic already that I don’t review that much, but I still remember them and their images in my Memory Palace is still vivid.
So far, I can study efficiently with these methods, but I still want to improve it. So do you have any suggestions? It’ll help. Thanks!!


It sounds like you are on the right track.

Combining active recall, memory palaces and spaced repetition is very good. I do the same, though I am not a student.

When I think of the Feynman Technique I think of writing and when I think of active recall I think of speaking. Which are you doing, or both? I tend to do it speaking and pacing back and forth.

Do you do pomodoros with your active recall or other aspects of your learning?

How is your reading speed?


Hi, thanks.
With Feynman Technique I think most of the time I do both, same with the active recall. With active recall I don’t do Pomodoros, but maybe I should,
I only use Pomodoro when I’m watching a lecture of a topic or when I’m reading a book. I always switch from focus to diffuse mode, as suggested in the book “Learning How To Learn”.
As for my reading speed I think I don’t read that fast, since mostly I study Physics Concept, I could read for just 400-600 wpm, it depends.


I’m doing almost the same with illustrious mind maps with spaced repetition recalling each day for a week.

Works like magic! But even when I;m not on diffuse mode I can still have my working memory in relax mode as I have the confidence that the material I’ve read is not lost.
I use the alphabet system and PAO to encode a memory journey and assign them to a palace, but only if required, on the latter.


You workflow sounds fantastic! I am trying to improve my study routine to make it more effective and efficient. Your flow seems like a good starting point where you are bringing all the major techniques together rather nicely.
While I don’t have much to improve it, I do have a question around memory palace.
How do you construct it? I mean, do you have a separate one for each subject? How do you deal with the palace filling up with information as you keep on studying more and more?

Yes, I keep the palaces separated.

For example for the most critical information like cards, SSN’s etc. i keep personal palaces and different others for German and Algorithms in machine Learning.

You basically need to take a blank science book and draw it on paper, which helped me so much. Never used Anki or any other softwares, thinking it might not help me out any more than on paper.

Hey guys!

I loved to see that im in the right track since my study routine is like yours.

In fact, I use the same routine Enceladus uses, but I’m not sure how to proceed with the palaces, as they are already saturated. Is it possible to use different versions of the same palace to categorize information?

Beside that I have been thinking of a way to decorate 1500 out of each of 10 books I have to study. How can I get locis for so many points? Does anyone have a suggestion? The closest I found to this was the Bateman manual (guide to memorizing a book) but I don’t know how many palaces I will need and I don’t even know if I could create so many.

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