(Translate from Chinese) Please Help Finding The Explaination of This Person's Technique

陳光NBU記憶學 https://youtu.be/TPSq73b0fM4
if someone could please let me know which technique this person uses for memory and if there’s any english reference, that’d be awesome! thanks

My wife translated for me roughtly. No mention of technique (not sure if she would know what to look out for though). The video rough translation was around:- a math sum, reciting a poem, reciting 20ish digits of pi, the stations on the blue line in Taiwan.

Thanks for that, I think it might be a scam. I heard it could be a part of the gms system, which is also a scam. The only thing worthwhile I’ve heard is to break down loci into 5 parts. Appreciate you checking this out

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You can look at this
It is said that this is a MLM

thx, yeah sounds ineffective to me from translating. not worth the effort