Top 10 Memory Athletes ( Short Memorization Athletes)

Who do you see as the Top 10 Memory Athletes?

-In terms of Performances ( in Competitions)?

-In Terms of Influence?

Would be cool to hear your opinions!

Johannes Mallow ( MemorySportsTV Host)
Jan Zon ( TV Performances)
Alex Mullen (World Champion)
Andrea Muzii ( World Champion)
Simon Reinhard ( Won many competitions, Strong athlete.)
Katie Kermode (World Record Holder)
Yanjaa Wintersoul (TV Performances)

~Might do a video about this~

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In no order, in terms of performing and influencing for me.

Braden Adams- Extremely supportive, has helped me a lot, and is an amazing athlete.
Katie Kermode- Amazing competitor, particularly exceptional at names and incredibly helpful. I find her language skills amazing.
Abraham Saynes- I think his 5 image system is unique and it is cool to see someone doing their own thing.
Nelson Dellis- If it wasn’t for his documentary I wouldn’t be here. Watched a lot of his Youtube videos and bought his book to get started.
Johannes Mallow- Amazing competitor and puts a lot of efforts into the streams.
Alex Mullen- An absolute beast. However, Im more inspired by his videos helping med students study even more so than his incredibly performances.
Simon Reinhard- I was mindblown when I heard he had a 10000 digit system. Exceptional people do exceptional things to reach elite levels. This is dedication and is inspiring.
Daniel Fogel- what this guy can do without seeing images is amazing.
Nikolai Boris Konrad- PhD in Psychology and I aspire to study memory at a high level as well. Also plays an active role in promoting our sport.
Jan Zon- Similar to Abraham. Made his own system for cards. I respect the innovation.