Tips for Memorizing Equations and Algorithms?

Do you have any tips for memorizing equations and algorithms. Think back to algebra or physics. I’m referring to V=D/T or the steps required to compute decay over time, etc. These don’t seem like a good fit for a memory palace (my go to memory solution) and I’m unsure of a viable alternative.

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If you haven’t tried it yet, search for “equations” in the search box.

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Do you have any tips for memorizing equations and algorithms. Think back to algebra or physics. I’m referring to V=D/T
I made a mnemonic to learn this formula

Distance = Time * Velocity (TV)

We should watch TV from distance


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Nice mnemonic there, Rajadodve, but old curmudgeon that I am I feel compelled to sound a slightly salutatory note:
Many years ago, when there was still a ‘West Germany’ I was compelled to attend a 3 month course that was heavy on the maths of , what was then called, ‘micro computers’ and that despite my being clearly dyscalculitic (round peg, square hole much?). The very able tutors in maths and physics spent the entire 3 months trying to teach me the basics of various higher mathematical things…like counting past ten.
They failed and on the final exam i scored the lowest score ever recorded. However I can still recall one bit of what they attempted to teach me, and it is the ONLY bit. Namely a mnemonic: " GAGA Hühnerhof AG" which translates into English as something akin to “Ga Ga Chicken Farm inc.”
Did I ever learn what the Mnemonic was for, let alone how to use it? Nope. I have just googled it and its something to do with angles and ‘sines’ (which are apparently nothing to do with ‘sinuses’ ).
But I will be able to recite that mnemonic on my death bed and now your ‘we should watch TV from a distance’ too.

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Lot of exploration, not only mnemonic
Also need understanding, turn other equations from equation, try T=,
Encoding, turn / slash into flashlight,

When it comes to formulas even though mnemonics can be made for simple equations but as the equation becomes more complicated it will be harder to memorise.

For Eg.
If I have to memorise the formula c=E/B, I can memorise it as ‘Ceb’ which reminds me of the equation.

Now for eq. Like the Lens makers formula

1/f=(u1/u2 - 1)(1/R1 - 1/R2)

I would prefer you look at the formula deeply and then try to memorise it, find out where you were getting confused.

For me the confusion was which u comes first, so I memorised like since light goes into glass(lens) from air,so u1 is of glass and u2 is of air.
(Light wants to be no. 1)

Rest of the eq. I have memorised as it is

So as you can see it would be hectic to create images for these kind of formulas, So my advise would me to learn the concept and solve questions based on the formula.

I am currently working on some pegs to memorise equations and formulas, if that works I will put it in a later post.

You can try flashcards or Anki for these as I have found them pretty efficient.

How you remember the formula of critical velocity.

I also memorized formula by understanding.
And understand it’s all terms and learn that how it is derived.
After that I made a mnemonic or other techniques to learn.
I never learn a formula by only one type, I can learn formulas by different approach.
Sometimes for learning formula I write the formula in my notes.
Some of my friends, forget the formulas many times after many practice, when I asked that ‘why you forget after many practice’
They said me that they don’t Know. Their brain is not capable to learn.
I teach him many ways to learn the formulas and now they don’t forget the formulas.
All person not capable to learn formulas by rote memorization , all persons are different so for learning they approach new Method.

You can learn formulas easily so you think that all person do this but this is not true.
I learn formulas and think an easy way to teach this formula for any person.
Some like mnemonic,some memory palace, other are like different.
I made techniques for all formulas
I am not categories which is difficult and which is easy .

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You mean V = √GM/√r ?

I Learned it by understanding and practice.

That’s a misconception.

Remember there is nothing like a Good memory or Bad memory

Rather there exists a Trained memory an untrained memory.

When I first looked at the formulas I thought like “I can’t memorise this, it’s to complicated, I fear I might forget it later.”

But the test was approaching so I decided I will learn this anyhow.
I wrote the formula, looked at each of its components, understood it deeply. Then practiced some questions based on it.

After that I learned not only the formula but also got the concept clear.

And I thought, Why didn’t I tried it before?

It was not that though.

My twin brother and I both study using different methods.

I thought memory techniques for equations would give me an edge because my brother doesn’t even knows much about memory techniques.

But the result.

He performed better than me in the tests, why?

While I was memorising formulas, He was watching lectures and practicing questions with them.

With learning formulas I could easily get the easier ones but the tougher and challenging ones needs deep concept understanding.

From then even though I use memory techniques as I mentioned, but do not use them in every single thing.

If you see Interviews of toppers, most of them don’t know about memory techniques, they will always advise you to understand concepts and practice.

I am saying all this out of experience.

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U2 R1 ! I love it when you talk dirty, baby :stuck_out_tongue:

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