This is a Great Forum

This site has everything I need and I am making this post to thank everyone for creating this Forum.

Is there a “Chat Room” channel? :grin:

The reason why is to know what I am permitted to post certain recommendations and also to communicate quicker with others.


Glad the site is useful. :slight_smile:

Threads in the forum update in real time and you can see typing indicators, just like in chat. It’s basically chat, except that there is a larger box to type in, and you can format messages.

It’s also possible to turn on popup notifications in your settings.

If you want to hear a sound for each new forum post, go to this settings page and add the categories you want notifications for into the “Watched” box. You can find a list of categories on the left side of this page.

If you have questions on configuring it, let me know.

If you aren’t sure which section to post in, you can pick any category, and we’ll move it to the correct one if needed.


That’s cool with me. Thanks Josh.