The Slightly extended SCLAM method for learning and understanding any kind of information

I had read about a memory technique from the internet which is called the SCLAM method and I have slightly extended that method and I was able to memorise and recall about 40% of 20 mostly long paragraphs of a Science book Consecutively and the steps of this slightly extended method(which can be combined to make the technique easier,faster and with lesser steps) are as follows -

  1. Imagine a fictional dimension,For example- The Astral Plane in a game called Control which should also contain the location of the journey(and that dimension should also contain the images of the objects that form most of what you have to remember from that sentence which you are reading along with their hierarchy).

  2. Divide your Journey into 3 sectors.

  3. Associate information to a landmark.

  4. Imagine a triangular sticker with the image of an object in the path of your journey along with a person near that triangle.

  5. Walk into the triangular sticker with the object in the triangular sticker and have that triangular sticker transform into a mode of transport(for ex- A Car).

  6. Visualise that person near you as the driver of that mode of transportation that you are travelling with.(Ex- In other words visualise that person near you as the driver of the Car from step 5).

  7. During your imaginary journey from Sector 1 to Sector 2 use as many senses as possible,ex- By visualising a place which is filled with relevant actions and noise and by doing this you are using not only your sense of sight but also your sense of hearing.

  8. Break down the sentence that you are currently reading into three parts and remove the whitespaces of the words in the first and third group.

  9. Try to form the name of a company from the first letter of any two words from the first part of the sentence and also from the third part of the sentence.

  10. Imagine the real and the imaginary headquarters of that company and place that location into an imaginary dimension from step 1.

  11. Use the Feynman Technique and try to explain what you have learnt in your own words that even a 5 year old can understand.

  12. Extend the Feynman Technique (For Example- Explain what you have learnt(or the concepts of what you have learnt) to two imaginary 5 year old childern instead of only one).

  13. Repeat this method until your memory capacity is about to finish.

And I also recommand you to at first read a sentence and then use this method which is only a slightly extended version of the SCLAM method and I am also looking for suggestions to improve this slightly version of the SCLAM technique and I also think that if I would have been able to remember a few simple concepts during the recall phrase then my recall would have been 70% instead of 40% and so I request you to improve this method.


Well, By using the SCLAM method you can learn any type of information and by using the Feyman Technique which I have added to this method you can underastand any kind of information.

And by using the extension part of this method you can increase your recall.And so by using the SCLAM method along with some additional rules that I have added to this method you can learn and understand any kind of information.


And I intend to improve this method by adding deep mental visualisations,diagrams and even associated images to this method by which you can avoid reviewing the information which you have learnt for longer amounts of time when compared to the Method of Loci.

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And I want to acknowledge again that I did not create the SCLAM method as posted above and the creator of the SCLAM method is Chris M Memo and it is his method(The SCLAM method) that I have extended(as posted above) and then posted in this forum as, I had posted about the Feynman Technique and the Method of Loci and I also want to say that I also do not claim to be the creator of any of the memory methods whose names I have posted in the first post of in this forum topic.

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It sounds great, but, I’m sorry, I didn’t understand the method.
Could you please give a concrete example ?
Thanks in advance.

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I was curious so I went to find it online. Here is a link to Chris M Nemo’s original website.

He also has a YouTube channel in which he explains his SCALM system. Here is one of his videos:

He sells courses, so maybe there is more to his system than he mentions on the YouTube channel.

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Thank you.
But the technique described by aicreator seems different.

Agreed. It does seem different.

Hopefully aicreator can clarify.

Well the steps of the SCLAM method and that of the extended version of the SCLAM method are the same(but with a few additional steps),Here is a explanation-
The first step is S for Structure and in this step information is structured in an fictional dimension with images with hierarchies.

The Second step is C for chunking and in this step the Locatiation of your journey is divided(or chunked) into three parts.

And,The third step is L for Localisation in which you walk in an imagined triangular sticker(with an image of an object) with that same object that is in the image,(which acts as a safety net and also that object disseapears and the triangular sticker transforms into a vehicle).

And,The fourth step is A for Association which takes place in the second chunk of that place in your journey while you are travelling with a vechile in which you use as many senses which are possible for you to use to hear relevant information(In that example the senses of sight and sound) and this will cause as many different types of neurons in your brain to fire which will help you to consolidate your memory.

And before the fifth step here is an example - “People are encouraged to live their lives to the fullest” and from this example we can take the first letter of the word “People” which is “P” and the first letter of the word “encouraged” which is “E” and from these two letters of the which I have given above you can make the word Pepsi which is the name of a company.

And then you can imagine the headquarters of the company whose names have been obtained and then place it in the third section your journey just like how objects are placed in the journey method.

And the extension to the SCLAM technique which I have posted above has the following extra steps which are -

  1. Using the Feynman Technique - In this technique you must explain what you have learnt in your own words but in the language that a 5 year old child can understand.

  2. Extending the Feynman Technique - In this step you can slightly modify the Feynman Technique by using a modification to the Feynman technique(which works for you) or this modification of explaining what you have learnt in your own words to two five year olds instead of one.

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Is this any different from a Memory Palace or are they basically the same idea?

What do you mean with landmark? I think I get the 3 sections bit, which would be different 3 parts in the same imagined area, I guess, but what does the landmark do?

Can you tell me why you would need that? I have a lot of memory palaces, on various scales, and I never felt like needing any kind of visualized transport myself.

Wouldnt this limit you to a great extend? I mean, I know a lot of companies, but it feels very limited to only use those.

You are also talking about sentences. Are you talking about actual sentences in written text? If so, could you give us a little demonstration with a simple line? Here is one of my favorite parts from my stories, can you show us how to memorize it from start to finish?

“I have a great home by the most important standards. Solid roof over my head, clean sheets every week and three meals a day. I even have a pet, if you can count a rat smelling like a thousand sewers among pets.”

This bit I don’t really get. Didn’t you already place it in a journey back over in the S, when you put things into the fictional dimension as a hierarchy?

What does this do different compared to explaining it to only one?


The information is associated with the landmark and here is an extract from the web from the web is " The journey method is a powerful, flexible and effective mnemonic based around the idea of remembering landmarks on a well-known journey .

And there is a post in this forum in which it is was written by a user that whenever that user creates a memory palace that user creates imaginary means of transport and this probably works for that user as this works for me and **I think that this will work for most people and will increase their recall ** and I believe that this will happen because transformation is involved in it(For more information you can look at The Transformation Method).

And based on the thing I have come to know imagining a Triangular Sticker with the inage of an object and standing on it with the same object(in your imagination) will be a saftey net which will help you in recalling information if you will forget something.

I know that using only the names of companies will limit this memory technique but the reson I have added the step of completing the names of companies and then visualinsing their headquarters(real or imagined) is because this works and if I find that completing and visualising more types of names also works then I will add the option of completing and visualising that name in this method or maybe someone else will.

Like the Method of Loci I do not think that this method is good for memorising word for word but I do believe that if a person memorised with this method then that person will be able to recall information inna language that is similar to the language found in textbooks and that person will also be able to understand that information by using the Fenyman technique steps in this method,But still I am giving an example of memorising word for word by this method

“I have a great home by the most important standards. Solid roof over my head, clean sheets every week and three meals a day. I even have a pet,.” if you can count a rat smelling like a thousand sewers among pets"
I am posting the steps which can be used to learn the the text above which are -

  1. Read the Text

  2. Imagine the Astral Plane of the video game control with the following objects -
    A. Home
    B. Roof

  3. Chose a Journey(The Journey I have chosen is the Journey from my home to the marketplace from which I have choosen hese three locations as landmarks- A hut,A Good Building and a shop in which hen are killed. Which are in the first section of my journey)

  4. Assing information to those landmarks(and the assinged information is as follows-
    The Good Building - “I have a great home by many standards”.
    The hut- “Solid roof over my head”
    The Shop in which hen are killed - “Clean Sheets every week and three meals in a day”

  5. Imagine a triangular sticker with the image of rat poison and then step on the triangular sticker with rat poison.

  6. Imagine that the sticker has transformed into a car which is travelling ahead in the second section of your journey.

  7. During your journey imagine that while you are travelling with a car you see A palace(or a great home) and then you see that some people are fighting with slabs of wood(and striking each other’s head with it) with the people shouting that they want clean sheets and you smell food until you reach the headquarters of “Cera” from -“clean sheets every week and three meals a day”

  8. After this I have reached the 3rd sector and then I attempt to explain to a five year old child in my imagination that why you have a great home with the most important standards,why you have a solid roof over your head,why you have clean sheets every week and at last why you have three meals a day.

  9. and then I place the headquarters of Cera in the third sector of your journey.

  10. In this step you again chose a journey which here will be the same journey which is from my house to a marketplace and in this step I have chosen a dumping ground nearby and the drains near the noad leading to the marketplace.

  11. And in this step I assing the following information to the locations given above-
    A. The Dumping ground (A place where sometimes rats are found) - “I even have a pet”
    B. The Drains - “if you can count a rat smelling like a thousand sewers among pets” .

An example with the steps of this method being used to memorise the concepts of this text -
" * I have a great home by the most important standards. Solid roof over my head, clean sheets every week and three meals a day. I even have a pet,.” if you can count a rat smelling like a thousand sewers among pets". Solid roof over my head, clean sheets every week and three meals a day. I even have a pet,.” if you can count a rat smelling like a thousand sewers among pets"* is given below -

  1. Imagine that you are in the Astral Plane with these objects - A wooden slab,A sheet and a board which is hung over a classroom,for example-“Standard 2”.

  2. Choose a Journey(The journey I have chosen is from my home to a marketplace with the following landmarks-A great home(A large home),A hut and a shop where animals are killed.

  3. Assing information to a all the landmarks above which are -
    A. A great home - "I have a great home by the most important standards."

B. A hut -
*Solid roof over my head, clean sheets every week and three meals a day.

C. A Slaughter house - I even have a pet,.” if you can count a rat smelling like a thousand sewers among pets"*

  1. Imagine a triangular home with the image of a small toy house and walk in that triangular sticker with the same toyy house"

  2. imagine the transformation of the triangular sticker into a car which is moving to section 2.

  3. While you are travelling imagine a great and important house holding a party of standard with the attendees of the party strucking each other with a solid slab of wood over their head.

  4. Make a name of a company with the first alphabet of any two words in this sentence - “clean sheets every week and three meals a day.” Which is “Cera”

  5. On arriving at the third sector visualise the headquarters of Cera and then place that building in the third sector of your journey.

  6. Imagine a 5 year old child and explain the following things to him in your own words which are - “Why you have a great home with the most important standards,Why do you have a solid roof with clean sheets every week and three meals a day”

  7. And then explain the same things given above to the child from the previous step along with another five year old child.

  8. Now repeat this method
    Note since this post is very long I will post the steps on how to repeat this method afterwards in my next post as I have become very tired after writing this post.

I haven’t found anything ‘new and interesting’ in the YouTube video of the “SCALM” method. He just used “linking+Memory Palace” in his SCALM method!! He just gave a label to an already existing and known technique(Story/Linking+MP)! What is so great about it…I’m very confused!!! :confused:


Well @elitely the extended version of the SCALM method works for me better than any single memory technique and even a combination of memory technique that I know when it comes to recalling information.
I also want to request you to post a memory technique which which works better for you than the extended version of a SCALM method.

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Memory Palace! It always works for me(better than any other techniques)!!!


I have taken many courses in memory to see if I can learn something new each time. And it was the same with Chris, so I have also taken every single course, a total 11 courses from Chris including the latest scalm course.

The new course is the same basic methods, but it’s more geared towards learning how to learn for students and studying. He has made a lot of efforts to show all the methods and how they are used. I have a lot of respect for him for all the efforts and his teachings.



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It’s all good. There really is nothing more calm than a clam.

Hi, everyone. I’m Chris M Nemo, the creator of the SCALM method, thank you for your interest. I think some clarification about this technique is needed.
By following a series of clear steps and simple rules for memorizing different types of information, the SCALM method brings a systematic approach to a task that seems difficult for all of us: memorizing hundreds of pages of horribly abstract , unattractive and unrelated information.
I created this method after many years in which I had to learn a lot of abstract and highly diversified information. At one point, I asked myself the question: " How could I approach in a unitary way the memorization of any kind of information? What are the universal steps of any learning process and how can I adapt them to any type of material that I have to learn?" The answer came when I began to study and practice the memory techniques. I discovered that, by combining these techniques, not only did the learning process become faster, but at the same time the learned information remained much longer stored in my memory. Over time, I became a proactive learner and I synthesized a series of steps that transformed my learning into a pleasant and extremely effective experience.
The essence of the SCALM techniques consists of the deconstruction, organization, and then reconstruction of the material, so that it is brought into a memorable form for you. For this purpose, it contains 5 steps, and “SCALM” is an acronym for these steps, which are:
• Structure
• Chunk
• Associate
• Locate
• Memorize.
The method combines multiple memory techniques (not just the link method and loci).
The first step of the SCALM method is to Structure the information , to get the full picture of the subject and a very basic understanding of how all the parts fit together.
For this purpose, the method uses “Mind Maps”.
The next step of the SCALM method is to chunk the material into organized and meaningful pieces of information. The two memory principles used in this stage are Simplification and Symbolization.
The next step is the Association . This is where the magic happens. At this stage, each piece of information is transformed into memorable images, by applying these memory techniques:
• Acronyms and The Sentence Method
• The Story Method
• The Sound-Alike Technique
• Rhymes and Jingles
• The Names Association Technique
• The Major System

The next step is to place the images created with the encoding techniques along with mental structures(Localization) , by using the Memory Palace Technique.

The final step of the method is the Memorization of the re-organized information.
Two easy memory techniques, Review, and Rehearsal are used to solidify the memories

The method is simple, but not always easy.
There are some rules by which you choose the methods of associating concepts with simple images (for lists you can use Acronyms, The Sentence method or The Story Method, for numbers and data you use The Major System, for difficult words and names you use The sound Alike method) . You can also combine two or more methods for learning parts of the material.
The SCALM learning process is proactive, involving a mental work of deconstructing, organizing, and reconstructing the material, but all these are part of the natural process of efficient learning.
What I can tell you for sure is that the SCALM method is the most efficient way to learn large volumes of information accurately and for long periods. I am sure that there will be many people who will benefit from this simple, efficient and universal method

@aicreator Your approach is interesting, you try to take the method to another level
@Erol Thank you for your appreciation
@elitely In order to use the loci method, you must have some memorable images beforehand, which you create with the help of other memory techniques.
I classify memory techniques into two categories:
1.Encoding memory techniques -that transform the things you want to remember into easy to recall images (Acronyms, The Sentence method ,The Story Method,The Major System,PAO,Dominic System,The Sound Alike method and so on) , and
2.Structural memory techniques -that help you create a structure for your mental images (like “The Memory Palace Method” and “The Peg System” ).