The Rosary as a Memory Palace?

While at work today during a slow period, I was thinking about random things to pass the time and started thinking about the Rosary (I am Protestant, so I’ve never actually used it, but I’m familiar with the general idea), and it occurred to me that it might be able to serve as a memory palace. Does anyone know if it ever was (or still is) used in such a way?

I would imagine that reciting the prayers while meditating on a different Mystery for each decade would differentiate the decades enough that one could use each bead as a locus. The part with the cross would also give a clearly defined start/end point to the circle, which would aid in keeping the palace concrete.

All in all, though I have not tried it, it seems like the Rosary may be able to function as a memory palace, so does anyone know if it was originally used that way? Or has anyone tried anything similar? Any success?

If it proves robust enough, this could be a relatively easy way to create artificial palaces out of beads and rope which have the exact number of loci needed for the task. For example, here is an idea of one for storing the COLL (Corners of Last Layer) algs I thought of on the way home:


EDIT: the pendant part at the bottom would be better suited for PLL, but I just noticed it and I’m not going to bother changing it in Krita and reuploading.

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I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Have you read The Memory Code? It contains information about interesting mnemonic systems from various cultures. I bought some props after reading that, including a pack of colored string.

See also:

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Thanks for the links. I have not read that book, but it looks like it might be interesting.

EDIT: Quipu appears to be a different thing as it encodes information directly. Now, if one used a Quipu as a memory palace, then that would be exactly what I’m talking about, just approached from a different angle.

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