The #mnem Hashtag on Twitter,, and Google+

If you use Twitter,, and/or Google+, you can discuss memory topics with other members by adding the the text, #mnem, to each message. A keyword preceded by a “#” sign is called a hashtag.

Everyone who follows the #mnem hashtag will see your message and be able to respond to the discussion. Here is an example of the #mnem hash in use:!/joshhostels/status/163380161318887424

This page will list all Twitter messages with the #mnem hashtag:!/search/realtime/%23mnem

And on Google Plus:

If you use Tweetdeck, or another social media tool, you can follow the hashtag by doing a search for #mnem.

Read more about Hashtags here:

UPDATE: This widget automatically loads the latest tweets with the #mnem hashtag:

:slight_smile: I think we were writing about the Excel question at the same time too.

Thanks for the info. My twitter account for memory is @memorytricks and I’ll put that hashtag on my tweets as well. It’ll probably be quick thoughts and bad jokes.

Sorry – I didn’t see your Excel post until after I pushed “submit”. It takes me a while to write posts, because I’m a little scatterbrained and switch tasks a lot. :slight_smile:

If you use TweetDeck for Twitter, you can save the hashtag as a column in TweetDeck. I’m using Gwibber on Linux, and I’ve saved the hashtag like in the image below. (The search button and hashtag are highlighted in red.)

Hashtags turn Twitter into a kind of chatroom for anyone following the hashtag.

I just embedded a widget on this page (above) that displays the latest 30 #mnem tweets. I’ll add a link to this thread in the footer menu.

Great idea. Nice work.

At you can download your tweets as html, text or csv. I don’t think it works with hash tags though.

I have tweets embedded on my main website and I use them to update the content without having to deploy the whole site. sounds interesting. Is the site loading for you? It won’t load for me. It would be useful to download my 8,000+ tweets… :slight_smile: