The Method of Loci Improves LongerTerm Retention of Self-Affirming Memories and Facilitates Access to Mood-Repairing Memories in Recurrent Depression

This is an follow-up study to the one I found in the Art of Memory blog. It extended the findings of the original study to 3-months and looked at the use of MoL in everyday life compared to rehearsal training.

“The Method-of-Loci (MoL) is a mnemonic strategy that individuals with a history of depression can use to facilitate
access to self-affirming memories. In the current study, we investigated (a) the utility of the MoL to enhance access
to a preidentified set of personal memories and (b) the ability of the MoL to facilitate the recollection of memories to
regulate emotion. Participants in remission from chronic depression used a MoL or rehearsal procedure to facilitate
memory recall. Participants using the MoL showed superior retention of this material at both a 1-week and 3-month
follow-up memory test, relative to the rehearsal group. For both groups, memory recall effectively repaired mood after
a mood induction procedure. Using a diary measure, participants trained to use the MoL reported greater use of the
memory repository to offset downturns in mood in day-to-day life, indicating that this could be a useful strategy for
mood regulation.”

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