The Loom of Language: An Approach to the Mastery of Many Languages by Frederick Bodmer


Hi, Language Lovers,

It recently occurred to me that this book would be of interest to anybody interested in languages, and especially people who are interested in challenging themselves to learn a language, or perhaps multiple languages at once, especially Teutonic or Romance languages.

TBH, I feel rather guilty for having neglected to mention this book on this website. It is a real gem, written in the 1940’s, IIRC. Very readable and extremely informative about languages and about learning them.

My favourite part is the Language Museum in the appendix. If you want to challenge yourself to learn multiple Romance languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian), you might want to browse the Romance language section of the Language Museum starting at page 589. There is a similar section for Teutonic languages.

I already own a hard copy of the book, but couldn’t seem to find it in my messy library, so I looked for a free copy online. I was able to borrow a copy for two weeks by joining the Internet Archive online (free) at Then I searched for “Loom of Language” and quickly got to a page with a link that let me download the book at no charge.




That looks a handy book. I downloaded it from the archive. you can choose the format on there if you look under the description.