The Great Courses on Audible and free lectures on YouTube

It looks like there are almost 600 of The Great Courses on Audible. (I think you can get two of them without paying if you sign up for a free trial — then there are often specials that can drop the price down to USD $6.50 to $10 each.)

This page lists the available courses.

I wasn’t interested in audiobooks for a long time, but found that they are a good way to get in some extra reading while driving or walking. I speed up the playback to get through them more quickly. Sometimes the lecture-based format can be a good way to get a quick overview of a topic before diving in deeper with original sources.

If you don’t want to pay for audiobooks, there are also lectures from universities on YouTube and other platforms that are available to watch for free. Here are just a few examples:

If you’ve found any good ones, post a comment below. :slight_smile:


I’ve found this very instructive podcast: History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

The episodes are short and they have a lecture-based format like you said.


Wow! Thanks this History Of Philosophy link is a treasure of podcasts on world of philosophy. I got material to listen for the whole year.


Here are some additional lists of audio lectures:

For more philosophy, there is also Philosophy Overdose on YouTube.

I also found a podcasts page on Oxford’s website that looks interesting.


This Big History Project also looks interesting. I saw it in Bill Gates’ review of Sapiens (the audiobook I’m currently listening to).


I can’t recommend the History of English podcast enough. Give it a try and I bet you’ll be hooked.


That looks interesting. Here’s a link for anyone who is interested:

A friend gave me this related audiobook/course on language, but I haven’t listened to it yet: