The Dominic System vs The Major System (North Korea)

  1. Which system is better for competition and why? (WHY???)
  2. Which system does north korea use? (if u dont know, share your idea please)
  3. Which one do you prefer? (why?)
  4. What system do world champions use?
  5. Which memory competitors using The Dominic System? (except Dominic O’Brien)

İ need a detailed answers please help me.

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In general i would suggest that the Major system is better than Dominic, mainly because it gives you more versatility ways and images, in Dominic you only have people and actions, in the major system you can do what you see convenient, also for me the actions make the images too restricted and specific
Its also easier to make.

here are some links:

I don’t know it is true or not.

Because I already made my 3 digit system (It takes a lot of time to make) and never get any good results with that.
Even with a lot of practice.
And even I can’t do 80 numbers in 60 sec.
I think it takes time to achieve better results.

In IAM, I memorize 240+ numbers (In my first attempt) by 2 digit system but sadly to say that by 3 digit system I never crossed the boundary of 150 .

Even if I forgot the 2 digit number, I can easily find the word in 100 digit word list.
But If I forgot 3 digit system words in recalling time , It was hell for me to find the correct word. (I wonder how andrea muzii can recall the number fastly if he forgot )

And I think pao system is better this time for me to memorize numbers faster.