Techniques for drawing from memory

What visual information is important to you?
For example, colors, uniformity, textures, shadowing, size, clear vs indistinct borders?

If so, I would arrange a memory bank/palace in those categories

For example textures:
uniform represented by a flat linoleum flooring in my texture room
mild variety in texture maybe hard wood floor
moderate variety in texture moderately bumpy tile
high variety in texture carpet

no shadow represented by no light on in the room
mild shadow light
moderate shadow flood lamp
heavy shadow lazer beam


Great paintings. How is the Training of the Memory in Art book?

(If anyone wants to read it, I added it to the free memory techniques books page. Click here for the PDF. I haven’t read it yet.)

Its a good starting point. I’ve been practicing the exercises from the book. I start by observing something I want to draw for five minutes and then try to recall it by drawing it as accurately as I can after. He does talk about memorizing different color and value arrangements as well. I’m mainly interested in just being able to reproduce things from memory using just line. That pretty much narrows it down to memorizing the gesture, shape , function, and contour of whatever I’m drawing. Just being able to internalize and study visual information more effectively would be a great advantage to me.

This is pretty good stuff Josh thanks!