Tea party methods

Hello I have just seen the tea party championship on training and it´s something I would really like to master
I wanted to ask which are your methods to memorize it?.
I was going to chunk the information into their titles,to use a number name system like PAOLO to every field, integrate it in a big picture, and after use some Loci to go adding the deal of pictures.

By example:

Gender: Male
Name: Carmelo Angel Hodges
Date of Birth: April 23, 2006
Residence: Carrsville, VA 23315
Telephone: 859-1962
Pet: blue rat named Mercedez
Hobbies: Vehicle Restoration, Art Collecting, Gymnastics
Car: 1927 Silver Volvo S60 Awd
Foods: Smoked salmon, Chili, and Banana bread

Gender, it´s ussually unuseful, I think I will pass
3 dictionaries:
one of names , of actors,
one of surnames, of actions,
one of objects to surname,
the three of them are just one picture, in this case.

Carmelo looks a lot like Caramel, the angel flies, and Hodges, is the name of a shooter, so caramel flies with a gun on his hand

Date of Birth:
I have another code for dates actors are people of typical days of the month, by example, Santa Claus in change of December, and the bunny (easter bunny) time of march.
Action and Object are the days and the last two ciiphers of the year

I don´t know how are the residences in USA, so, I´d have to inform before getting into it.

PAO+ Place of Major System

are 7 numbers after all

imagine the pet doing something incredible… no need to use any system here, (I believe)

I think I need some BOIS here just to group and after that, it´d be clear

I don´t like cars, but there are few marks, and have an easy memo.
Models are a bit more complicated so I would need help to get them, and the year of the car are two ciphers.
So I have a mark, a MU (memory unit) for model, MU for color, MU for year … it´s too much, there isn´t any form to soft it?
are three foods, so, Loci with the dishes of a restaurant

After that group everytihng into a great What the ■■■■ image.

Excepting those two, I think it´s a good approach to get it, what do you think?,. do you believe there is any form better?

I’m toying with the idea of using the car as the memory palace. I picture the car with the driver being the person in question. The images I can conjure up for his name I place on any distinguishing feature of his face I can find. For his DOB, I place images on his left shoulder, and I place his phone number on his right shoulder. Any images for his hometown I place across his chest. Then I use the other three empty seats of the car for placing images for his pet, hobbies, and foods.

As for encoding, since I use a 2-digit system for numbers, and I have 10 separate images for single digits, for the phone number I use my single digit image, followed by three groups of my 2-digit numbers, for example, sword (1) stabbing a rat (41), then a moose (30) drinking a beer (94) for 141-3094. I do a similar thing for the zip code.

For DOB & name, I do something similar to you. For the car, any images I can come up with I place on the hood.

I use a journey to store the info and I managed to learn all the info for one person in 30 seconds

For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, there is a script for generating the data:

No matter what method you choose, you could copy the text into a Word document and have a SIRI-like voice read it to you. Then you could look away and work on your ability to encode the audible information. At the USAMC, you’ll have the sheet in front of you, but it couldn’t hurt. Or maybe that idea is totally impractical and I’m just a fan of audible memo.

Maybe something like this would help:

@Josh Cohen

For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, there is a script for generating the data:

Yes, I watched it, and in fact I liked the challenge because I´m really bad with social knowledge so, if I get to manage this information in the time of the challenge, I may be able to solve half of my problem.

So I´m focused into how to organize this, to get it