Tea party event

For the years of the car and birthday, how did you modify these because if you just memorize as it is you get the same image over and over. this messes me up sometimes. Any help on how to fix this would be great.

I don’t understand - why would you get the same image over and over for different years, cars, and phone numbers?

See you Saturday.

lets say that all the car years are in the 1900s this means that all of the of the images are going to have number 19 as a starting image so it is easy to get confused on the images.

Are you placing the images in a memory palace? If you have two of the same images (like someone born in 1985 who drives a car from 1985) the images would be in different locations.

Or are you asking a different question?

I am talking about different people. Just the repetition of an image in all most all the journeys causes the problem of confusing the rest of the images

Do the images repeat more than in the random number event? Maybe you could attach the image to the person or object in some way? So if you see an image of Albert Einstein for the car, have him doing something to the car. If he appears later as someone’s birthday, picture Einstein wrestling the person to the ground. (If that is what you mean by confusing the images…)

If I recall correctly, you get a piece of paper that has all the information on it. If someone says something that you didn’t quite understand, you can still review the paper. When I went last year, I think everyone was looking at papers instead of the person who was speaking. That might give a bit of extra time to focus on the images…

See it as binary numbers?

19… = 0
20… = 1

Then use the major system for the last two. Of course, you’ll always have the first letters the same but if you are creative then you can make it memorable anyway.

I have a question for those in the know:

How much time is actually allowed for memorization in this event? The actors were speaking on stage, and I think the MA’s had the scripts in their hands at that time. It took about 5 minutes or so. Then, if I remember correctly, the MA’s went backstage for a few minutes, still with the scripts, and were allowed to memorize further. Is all of this accurate? Can anyone tell me how long the MA’s are allowed to memorize backstage?

Edit: I sent Nelson this question too, and he got back to me immediately:

“The event is 15 minutes memorization total. So however long it takes for the audience members on stage to state their info + the leftover in the back room. You have the sheet in front of you the whole time.”