Hello I have recently discovered that I probaly have synesthesia. In all my life I have
draws to color and numbers. Foe exampel I have some feelings and colours for the days, seasons and wheatrs? Some colour evokes extra emotions in me. I can also not wear two garments of the same color because the color combination then does not go together. Even music
awakens feelings. Pink and purpele awakens happy and black sad. so I think if someone here
recognizes in me and how I can use this abality in my memorytraning?

I have also very hard to memory and visualize people special faces

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Associating colors with things like days and seasons sounds like synesthesia. I’m not sure how to use it with memory training.

Ok but do you konw if som memory maser has it?

Synesthesia does not necessarily help your memory.
I have synesthesia but it doesn’t improve my memory, at least not that I am aware of.

You associate colors to things, which is one of the most difficult forms of synesthesia to use for memory improvement because it is too abstract. For example, if you feel the color red by two different objects.

I don’t think there is a memory master here that uses his or her true synesthesia for memorization, if they do then probably to a very small degree.

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Yes I can feel feelings in colours
Pink is happy for exempel

So this form do you mean is the highest?
When I associations so I most see colors and detailes

No, I mean that using colors for memory is difficult. Difficult = hard.

I would not recommend it. It is better to focus on techniques.

Ok I understand but is not easy to not think in colors because is so naturally to think in colors for me and is nothing I think on because to think in colors is a normal part of me
Do you understand?

I have easy to memory color, details, feelings and moments

Colors is so normally and natural

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You definitely can! I have Synesthesia as well>

I write about Neuroscience at Amazon

Take care!

Can i use that for my memory traning?