Suggestion what is best method for learning the UK history

So sorry to ask this silly question. I am very new to memory techniques and I am overwhelmed by information. I am going to take my exam soon Life in the UK test. I have books and app to learn the UK history but there’s so much history to learn ( and I am getting frustrated that it seems nothing seems to stick in my head. Help, please! Please advise on which memory techniques are best to use in memorizing a history with hundreds of pages to remember. I have to remember people names, places, events and dates that start from the stone age!

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I would find a route that I walk regularly, and assign part of the route to each period in history, like @LynneKelly does in her book “Memory craft”.

Since there are probably less dates and events to remember in the stone age, for example, you might allocate a shorter part of the route to those parts.

Then, remember each event by placing vivid images representing each event you want to remember.

The memory champion Ed Cooke wrote a book “Remember, Remember” where he has a pre-made journey and images for all the kings of England, and all their major achievements if you want something pre-made.

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I use my History walk all the time. It works a treat. If you do chose to try that way, Rhea, and have any questions, just tag me in this discussion and I will help if I can.


@rheajb, you’l find a marvelous walk-through of how @LynneKelly sees history on her journey around her house in her The Memory Code book. (I’m half-way through it now.) And if you have time, the chapters on the henges open up new ideas that make a lot of sense. After four years, I’m sure she has a lot of great tips and is wonderful to talk with here on the forum.

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