studying for mcq(multiple choice exam)


Hey guys, my finals are next week and need a few tips for studying.
The have basically given us a sheet with 695 tick questions which have 4 possible answers each. Out of these 695, 40 will be picked for the exam.and one more thing is that all the questions are from calculus,but the time limit to complete the test is very is just 10 i cant workout all of them in the i have no other option left but to memorize all the answers.The Answers will be shuffled and 40 will be picked. They wont be changed.
Basically we will be given a sheet of paper with 40 questions picked out of the 695 in the exact same form but ordered differently.
We will just have to tick the correct answer so no writing is involved. Is there anyway i can help myself to memorize and study these math quiz questions?

some answers are in the form of graphs,pie charts and tables(cayley’s table).so i can neither use the major method nor the count system for memorizing stuff

i need your help people.


Will the answers be in the same order? So for example is question 69, answer a the same on your test as in your documents?


nope the options will be shuffled.option a could be b or c or d.very rarely they will be same


In this case you have to memorize the contents of the question to the contents of the right answer.
Sometimes the right multiple choice answer has a sibling that looks like the right answer but not entirely.
It helps to see and memorize the difference between them.

Before we go into the way to memorize the questions and answers, let me state that you need to know and study calculus. Further down your studies it is assumed you know your calculus and if you don’t it get’s harder and harder to keep up.

Now the way to memorize all questions and the right answer is to make a distinctive image of the question and link that to the answer.
Take a distinctive part of the question as a trigger image. A trigger image is an image that is triggered if you read the question. This is personal. I could give you examples the way I would do it, but to have to make them yourself.

So if you are done memorizing, each question will trigger an image, this will in turn trigger the answer image and thus the answer.