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I’m a new member of this forum from Italy. I’m new in the world of memory and I want to improve my study method because I use the read and repeat method but I have seen that this method isn’t working anymore, after 7 days I forgot almost everything and now I’m at university so this can’t be possible. I want to ask you if you have some tips, any books to recommend to study more effectively.
Sorry for my English.
Thank you and have a good day!


Hi Fatima.
Here is a tip I shared on this post here;

Hope this helps.

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This is a useful online tool, u can do kinds of graphs here, like a flow chart, mind-map, balance sheet etc.
Indeed, it is free and u can create offline notes as well.
I hope it helps~


Hi Fatima
This is the only book I read in Italian so I can’t compare it to others (I see there are many around now) but I do remember thinking it was really good: Il segreto di una memoria prodigiosa ⋆ Nuova Edizione - Matteo Salvo
The author is a student of Tony Buzan (who wrote the preface to the book). It gives you exercises to practice what it says. You can see all the topics in the description in the link, mostly about memorization for different subjects of study, with a section at the end just on studying.

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