Struggling to see the last posts replies

some of the old posts has a lot of replies, but when I open it, it won’t show the last replies, I keep scrolling down and it just keeps showing the replies in order and can’t get down to the bottom to see the page numbers so I can see the last replies.

here is an example post that I sruggle to see the last replies.

Card deck memorisation - post your times here!

does anyone else experience this with some old posts?

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just found a way to see the last replies using the scroller on the right of the page. How is that I never noticed it before lol.

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Where is that? Thanks.

Good point.

I think I’ve raised this issue many times - but possibly on different forums.

The problem with such long posts is that they become super-sensitive to scroll bar movement. In other words, if you move the scroll bar by 0.00328 pixels, the page advances by about 247 posts. So, the only way to “scroll down” is by using the down arrow at the foot of the scroll bar to advance line-by-line.

Repeated use of Shift+Ctrl+End is probably faster than simply dragging the scroll bar slider.

I’ve made the point that the techie forums such as TenForums limit the replies-per-page to a specific number. So, you can jump immediately to a higher page number by clicking on the page count widget.

Here’s an example:

Amazon use a page-number widget, but they don’t allow you to jump too many pages, in case the advertisers complain about lost revenue.

If a page count widget is implemented on this forum, they should solicit some suggestions from the users first - because there are many good and bad types of page counters. The TenForums link that I posted above is nowhere near the best type.

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it’s the scrollbar within the page that shows the dates and a scroll handle to scroll down. Not the browser scroller.

Just look to the right of the this reply, you’ll notice the date and a handle to scroll.


OK. Found it.


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For anyone who might end up on this thread who is having trouble finding it, this is the slider to look for. :slight_smile: