Strategy for Random Symbols Memory Training Symbol

Hello, let me know if this is the wrong forum.

For the month of February, I’ve been doing Random Symbols training daily. I’m only doing the 5x5 grid and I struggle to make it to the 2nd row.

Does anyone have any advise on how to approach getting better at this memory training?

Right now all I do is look at the symbols and try to associate that symbol to something that I can easily remember. Some of those symbols, I don’t know what they are, so that makes it harder.


Try assigning one unique image to each symbol.

Or the best way I see it is to have have 2 symbol forming one image (each symbol representing a sound, linking the sound together makes a word, thus a picture). If you run out of sounds, try giving differentiated sounds such as having A (for CAT), and a (for hay), like the Ben system (

Suggestions only, I never tried it.

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For the 5x5 grid, everytime I start a new game, is it the same symbols or not?

The reason I ask is that I was going to make a table in a document. On the left hand side, would be the symbol and then on the right hand side, would be an image that would be linked to the symbol.

Am I on the right path?


The amount of symbol seems to be over 100 :o also it seems that we are given a unique 25 (no repeats) amount of those 100+ symbols for a 5x5 grid games. I guess you will have to keep taking photos to fish out the symbols. So mayby do 5x5 grid once per day and just focus on the symbol it provides, see if it shows a unique symbol you have not seen or not, and slowly build your system up so each symbol has a standard picture. I will come and join you once I master another system that I am creating (probably 4month…lols)

Example I have taken (jesus I want to quit already haha, but worth it when you mastered it and show it off):

First row: Old telephone, Triton, slingshot, fish bowl, McDonald’s glowing symbol, eye, nail, rock on mountain rolling downwards, laptop, candle.

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Ok, that is what I was wondering.

I have OpenOffice Writer and will have to create some sort of table with the symbol to the left and the image I’m linking to it on the right hand side.

EDIT: Seems like OpenOffice Writer doesn’t have all of the symbols available. I’m not very familiar with all of these special characters. If someone can make a recommendation on how to access to these characters so I can start making this table, that would be great.


It depends on what font you are using. Try to go on the glyphs panel, and select Arial f.e. it should give you some symbols choice.

Yes I’m using Arial and when it comes to Symbols choice, don’t have a full set of choices that reflect the Symbols of the Random Symbols game.

I do recommend just make it as you go, so start simple at 5*5 and just use whatever image that comes to mind for each unique symbol. You dont have to memorise it, you will memorise it with time :wink: this is what I did with the names game in memory league, I make a symbol for each name, and after that you will remember it. Try not to jam your self with too much symbol at once btw :wink: