Spoken Numbers Training Tool


Since I first started competing in memory I have been quite fond of the spoken numbers event. My first encounters were with the official program, which I found to be a little complicated and inflexible. After a while or so I might have messed up a bit, but the program didn’t work anymore. I also stumbled upon an online application, which would only work on Internet Explorer (duh, who uses that nowadays?), so that wasn’t an option neither. And then I got a hint from Boris about the GT Deluxe-program. Awesome program, but as I upgraded to windows 7 I couldn’t get it to work anymore. And then there were of course memocamp. Surely OK for the task, but I was kind of hoping to get something like GT Deluxe. To make a long story short; I made my own program, which I would like to share with you guys.

As it is written in Java it is “platform-independent”, ie it should be possible to run on all major operating systems [Windows, Mac OS X, Unix]. All you need is the Java runtime environment 1.6 or higher.

[Update 2017.01.20: I now host the program on GitHub. Download link below.]

Instructions on how to run is provided in a README-file. Please take your time to read it through. :slight_smile:

The program is capable of…
…playback of up to 990 numbers in intervals between 500 and 3000 milliseconds.
…generating numbers/binary numbers into excel-files for easy printing.
…evaluating and highlighting wrong/correct answers.
…storing your results.

Feedback is appreciated. :slight_smile:

PS! This is actually the program that is used at official memory competitions. :slight_smile:


Really thanks for sharing, I haven’t tried it yes, but will do tonight… It sounds very helpful, hahaha ^^


It doesn’t work for me. The error shows “Windows cannot find ‘javaw’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.” ^.^


Oh my, I knew this would happen. This is probably due to a non-existant environment system variable. :smiley:

I assume you have a valid Java runtime environment installed (JRE 6 or higher); in this case locate it and copy it’s path. You should get something that looks like:

“C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\java” - (with quotation marks!)

Now go ahead and open the run.bat-file with a text editor of your choice. Change it to:
[your path] -jar SpokenNumbers.jar

That should do the trick, although the terminal won’t shut down by itself anymore. :wink:


I got the tool today and it’s great - many thanks Florian for creating it.

Having heard how fast 1 number per second really is, I’m extremely glad I have some time to prepare before August.


Exellent program Florian and thank you for being so kind posting it for general use.

(Silvio SDF) #7

hello Florian,
I’m glad you’ve posted a very useful tool.
I tried to download on the website that you specified (http://db.orangedox.com/AIiBCz6rWy7dcYH19k/SpokenNumbers.zip), but appears:
" Error (401)
It Seems you do not belong here! Check out our Help Center and forums for help, or head back to home. "

How do I download the tool?
You may also send it by mail?

thanks in advance for your reply


I see there’s a similar tool on the artofmemory.com website: http://artofmemory.com/games/spoken-numbers

(Lai Chyun Chieh) #9

Thank you for sharing this great tool !