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I use a combination of 3BLD and R2M2 to solve the cube blind and I’ve gotten the solve time down to sub 20 average. I like to use palaces because that let’s me keep track of how many pairs I have and I seem to be able to recall them easier than making a picture. I also eventually want to be able to do multiple BLD solves. My problem now is that it takes me something like 5 minutes to memorize the cube. What can I do to speed up my memo? Any ideas?


What’s your approach to memorization at the moment? Do you use speffz? Do you form images out of double letter pairs? How many per location?

ps: I know R2M2 but what do you mean by 3BLD… do you mean OP?

Ugh! Sorry, I meant to write 3Style. I actually have a freestyle way of doing it which is kind of a mix of 2 styles and 3 styles. R2+, R2, R1, BH and simple conjugate and commutators for corners and M2, M1, M-1, with also some simple conjugates and commutators for edges. The mixtures of these styles leads to a very intuitive and very fast way to solve the cube even if my fingertricks aren’t crazy fast. Mixing these styles together allows me to pick speed optimal and/or move optimal solution for pairs and saves me from having to deal with problem cases. If you’re interested, I’ll briefly outline what I do for you.
I don’t mess with OP except for a modified APerm to solve parity situations. OP is too slow and there are too many moves making it prone to mistakes.
Like I said the solving part isn’t my problem. Once I’ve memorized the cube, I can pretty much average sub-20 second solve times. But my problem is the memorization and that’s why I’m here. I do use speffz and locations because locations allow me to keep count of the pieces so I know when I’m done. I only put on word in each location. It takes me over 5 minutes to memorize the cube! And I can’t seem to get faster at that part of it. What tends to happen is that I’ll memorize the first work and then I go to the second and think, oh boy, I forgot the second etc. I’m here because I wonder if I’m doing something wrong that I have to keep reinforcing the image to be sure I memorized it. But the problem then becomes when I memorize a scramble, it’s there in my long term memory and getting it out try a new scramble is very difficult because I can’t get it out of my head and then memorizing the becomes way harder.

Okay, I understand… did you ever try and split the process to better pinpoint the issue? It could be the multitasking of finding the path and at the same time memorizing. I could be that you are disproportionately faster in one or the other and the switching back and forth messes things up.

Maybe try and separate into:

  • solution finding + writing out speffz on paper
  • form words out of speffz letters
  • memorize words in palace

So if you do the steps in sequence instead of all at the same time, you might see better where the issue is. Just do that a couple of times and have a look at the splits for each. If the sum of the parts is faster than normal, the issue is with the multitasking.

Could you maybe provide a sample of your first few images and the locations you store them in.

Do you only have one memory palace that you are constantly overwriting? if yes, you should set up a handful more, so that you are only reusing the same palace every 3-4 days in order to avoid the issue you are describing.

You can also check here for a similar discussion on images not fading:

Thank you that helped. I set up several memory palaces instead of just one. I have about ten now and that allows me to practice more because I can use a different palace for each scramble and that totally eliminats confusion. I finally shaved a little time off my memo.
One thing I just realized is that the sooner I dump the spoken word and convert the word to a visual image and stop trusting the word in my mind, the faster and better I remember.
Thanks again for your help

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M2R2 is an ancient method, pre-2014.

People nowadays use 3-style and 5-style for blindsolving.