Speed reading with retention

I know speed reading. My speed is 300wpm not much I know (800wpm I can read but comprehension goes)still I have around 2000 pages to cover . What happens that I read , I understand but in order to learn text I have to write it down in notebook with out seeing text . This whole process takes lot of my time . Any one having better options . I have two theory exams . One is pure information technology like telecommunication ( pure facts one cannot understand )and second is audit and Assurance logical yet lot of comprehension.

I’m not sure how to speed it up. Can you identify any slow parts of the process that could be made more efficient?

I often write things down while reading. Or I use a system of highlighting and dog-earing. After the first pass, you can extract the highlights into your notebook. From there you can use memory techniques or Feynman technique, etc.