Speed cards--tips for re-arranging a second deck?


In the speed cards event when you re-arrange a second deck, is that second deck in random order? New deck order? Something else?

I’ve been practicing speed cards and even when I know the order cold, I just can’t seem to re-arrange a second, randomly shuffled deck into the correct order in under 5 minutes. Maybe it’s just a dexterity thing, I’m not sure. I can name the cards just fine, I can write them down. I just don’t seem to be able to organize a second deck very quickly. I’d hate to do all this memory training and bomb at speed cards just because I’ve got slow hands with the second deck.

So what can I expect at competition and what tips do you have on re-arranging?

(Francis Blondin) #2

I also had problems with this at the beginning. Rearranging a deck is a skill that has to be practiced. The second deck you’re using is in order, which helps a lot. You can change that order if you want to (I go with spade, hearts,
clubs and then diamonds so it’s black, red, black, red).

I’m sure others are much more efficient, but here’s the way I do it. While reordering the cards, i place them in a way that is slightly spread out so that I can see them all if needs be. Because I use a pao system and I place 2 characters in each room, I only need 9 rooms/locations for a deck. While reordering, I’ll slightly alter the way I’m placing the cards every time I’m changing room. For me that makes “reading” the cards slightly easier. I’ll leave a gap if I have a blank. I’ll place a card sideway if i’m not sure it’s the correct one. That first step of placing most cards that way takes me about 2 or 3 minutes, so I usually have at least 2 minutes to deal with all the remaining problems (there are usually at least some problems if i’m trying to go fast). That’s it. Placing all those spreaded out cards in a nice pile at the end takes me 5 or 10 seconds.


I’m glad the cards they give you are ordered, that will help. Do you know what order they are in when given to you?

Also, good advice about keeping them spread out.

(Francis Blondin) #4

I’m not sure, I think it’s ace of club to king of club, then heart, spade and diamond. But as I said, you should get a chance to change that order before the memorization begin.