Spaced Repetition for weekly schedule

Probably, you would not understand it from title. I wanted to use Spaced Repetition but I could not combine it my weekly schedule, Let me elaborate weekly schedule, weekly schedule like schools, you can think as in monday I study physics and math etc. etc. But I could not combine it my schedule and spaced repetition do you have any example? What should I do

Being a student usually means you have little time within class to review. If you use written notes or depending on your schools policy, phones, you can review in class at an approximate time when your schedule is supposed to be due.

The standard would be to review after you get home, but I don’t really know your weekly schedule so I can’t say.

Spaced repetition slightly depends on you, some people experience a different duration to others, so you should get used to finding your optimal one.

Generally If you review after you go home, perhaps again before you go to bed or otherwise simply the next day.
1: chem , physics bio : review after you get home, review before bed
2: physics math bio : review after you get home, review day 1, review before bed (not day 1 content)
3: physics math : review after you get home , review day 2, review before bed (not day 1 or day 2 content)

Then review day 1 content perhaps on day 5 or 4 or whatever depending on what feels more effective. Do the same kind of thing for the rest, then review day 1 content again perhaps on day 12-25. Then perhaps in 3 to 5 months ,etc.

So something like, after class, before bed, the next day, in 4 days, in 13 days in 1 month, in 4 months, in 1 year, in 5 years. If you feel you are forgetting something on some interval, then decrease that interval.

Thanks for your reply, I am studying at home :slight_smile: Hope I’ll figure out well.

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How long is it taking you to do each spaced repetition session? If I recall correctly, it’s better to pace through everything and do a little daily.

I’d just wake up earlier and get it done every day.

If you use Anki it can help you space everything out evenly.

Generally, I spent 10 min for repetition.

Yeah! I’m sure you can find ten minutes a day to carve out!

What’s more important: what you’re trying to memorize or social media? You might not really use social media, but I’m sure there is something that you can replace with it… and if not, wake up ten minutes earlier.

You got this.

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Thank you! I’ll check my notes everyday.

But I have a question on my mind, I have many topics to learn, so what should I do, should I spent 10 min each notes?

I would work in 25 minute increments. I use the pomodoro method for time management and it works well.

  1. Choose a task to be accomplished.
  2. Set the Pomodoro to 25 minutes (the Pomodoro is the timer)
  3. Work on the task until the Pomodoro rings, then put a check on your sheet of paper
  4. Take a short break (5 minutes is OK)
  5. Every 4 Pomodoros take a longer break

Here is the link I just referenced:

I am already using it, it works like a charm but this is not I am searching for.